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Citizens Voice: Aug. 18

“Commissioner Kolhage — enough with the ‘only the canal properties should pay to clean the canals!’ Previous commissioners allowed them to be built. The canals hold state and ACOE controlled waters. With your logic, since I don’t have any children, I shouldn’t have to pay school tax. By the way, on my canal, I get[…]

Citizens Voice: Aug. 17

“Seriously, Mr. Mayor and City Commissioners? You vote down the Bike Share program last night (because it would take up too many parking spaces) but allow 18 wheelers to idle and park for hours on Duval St. You are all hypocrites!” “Just saw an ad – $1,950 for a one bedroom in Peary Court. Great[…]

Citizens Voice

“Please keep Mr. Hackley. It may not always be pleasant to read but it is our unfiltered history. Please leave historical monuments standing as they reflect our nation’s true history. We will repeat bad history (as we are today) by forgetting or whitewashing the bad events of our past.” “Chicago’s 5’7” Mayor Richard M. Daley[…]

Citizens Voice: Aug. 15

“I’m grateful for the new Monroe County Vessel Turn-In Program, VTIP. Hoping to see some good numbers. Maybe boaters can submit GPS locations of other floating derelict boats to help. Not all owners are still here, but boats can still be towed if it’s afloat. Working together works!” “Monday’s Citizens’ Voice almost had it right.[…]

Citizens Voice: Aug. 14

“We didn’t ‘sleep’ while the amphitheater happened but it was forced upon us by those running our city who are, they think, are more intelligent and all enlightened.” “The solution to the city’s lack of affordable housing is obvious and discussion of it is avoided by our elected officials.Eliminate all transient housing in private homes[…]

Citizens Voice: Aug. 13

“With ROGO keeping those who constantly desire more wealth from milking the island for all it is worth in real estate, now they turn to concert events as a way to flood the city to their gain. And if you notice, nothing is ever taken away from the equation — no fewer cruise ships, no[…]

Citizens Voice: Aug. 12

“Based on what I read here, it seems that there is a very vocal minority that just doesn’t want anyone to physically enjoy anything on Key West. You folks need a hobby other than being condo Nazis and become part of the solution of making sure that events in Key West are responsible and people[…]

Citizens Voice: Aug. 11

“Is anyone really surprised the Fort Zach Music Festival was approved? I have said it before and I will say it again: The powers that be will pimp out our city for a buck anytime they can.” “I’m tired of hearing locals complaining about tourists. You probably came here as a tourist first yourself and[…]

Citizens Voice: Aug. 10

“Be good to the good employees! There might not be a lot of jobs out there, but there are more jobs than good employees!” “Who cares what ride service you’ll take and who will pick you up at the airport? No one cares how you leave. … Just leave!” “I commend the young people who[…]

Citizens Voice: Aug. 9

“You can look on the Uber app at any time and see the number of cars there. I’ve never ever seen more than eight. Three hundred? Give me a break. Congestion is by rude cabs. I was at the airport recently to pick up neighbors and there were 18 cabs lined up. Really? Get over[…]