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Citizens Voice: Sept. 6

“Everywhere they plant the coral ends up being a ‘no fishing’ zone. Beware of these ‘feel good’ projects that end up costing you more than you anticipated. But then again, they might all be ground into sand this weekend.” “Start budget cuts with the six-figure salaries, not the hard workers at the lower end. That’s[…]

Citizens Voice

“We are not looking at the amphitheater in a broader perspective: the palatial city hall with cost overruns of more than a million; the purchase of Peary Court irrespective of the results of a citizen referendum which was decidedly negative; and then there was that pesky little refreshment stand at HOB which no one has[…]

Citizens Voice

“This morning I went over to South Beach, at the end of Duval, to sit and read.Unfortunately, the entire public beach was taken over with tables, tents and booths for an event at the hotel that treats this beach like they own it. I’m sick of giving up our scarce public facilities to private enterprise.[…]

Citizens Voice: Sept. 3

“To the ‘Old Timer’ defending the amphitheater and lamenting Key West’s change, ‘we now even have pollution.’ You must not have been here prior to the late 1980s. Back in the real good ol’ days, we used to dump raw, untreated sewage into the Atlantic. You must have meant the Good Old Days of six[…]

Citizens Voice: Sept. 2

“Commissioner Kaufman, taking an Uber does not qualify as a car-free day.” “The perfect name for the amphitheater that reflects the feelings of the citizens of Key West: ‘Shoved down our throats.’”  “It’s a real shame that we have to have volunteer beach cleanups to make up for the all-too-many sluggos trashing around among us.”[…]

Citizens Voice: Sept. 1

“It’s not a roundabout, a rotary, or a traffic circle to a Key West local. It’s like, ‘uh, ah, like, you knooow, a whatchamacallit, … go-around traffic thingy, …ya knoooow?’” “The Truman park is going to have ‘green space, added benches, shade trees, bike racks, picnic tables. Oh yeah, they added this crazy interactive water feature[…]

Citizens Voice: Aug. 31

“Why are the street lights on Truman on these days? Will they be putting up the Christmas decorations soon? I don’t get it.” “Roundabout or rotary, it looks very fascista Italiano” “And now we argue if it’s a rotary or a roundabout! This city argues about such stupid things…and, by the way, it’s a traffic[…]

Citizens Voice: Aug. 30

“I called it a roundabout over a rotary for a couple reasons. They are two totally separate types of roadway, serving different purposes. A roundabout is generally small; speeds are rarely more than 25 mph, whereas a rotary is usually larger with speeds of 40 mph or higher. Roundabouts are able to handle heavy traffic[…]

Citizens Voice

“If you want to drive down a perfectly paved four-lanes street, just go down Kennedy Drive all the way from North Roosevelt Blvd. to Flagler Avenue. They ripped up the whole four lanes, did the repairs and then repaved all four lanes in less than a week. After that all the directional lines were painted and traffic[…]

Citizens Voice: Aug. 28

“Why does the amphitheater even need to be named after someone ‘special?’ Why is ‘the Key West Amphitheater’ not sufficient? Or ‘the Southernmost Amphitheater, Queen Conch Amphitheater, Monster Lobster Amphitheater. Some of the top amphitheaters in the US are not named after people, but something tied to the area — Red Rocks (Colorado), Shoreline (California),[…]