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Citizens Voice: November 20

“After Georges, FEMA was quick to send down water and ice. After Irma I saw no ice until thankfully Winn-Dixie on Big Pine began providing it . Thanks to W-D for coming through for us with the basics so soon after the storm.” “God bless the injured deputy from an unsecured load on a pickup.[…]

Citizens Voice: November 18

“So the city makes money on the Bight — isn’t that the point of being a landlord? I’m sure the tenants are also making money or they wouldn’t stay in business in that coveted location. Those are our dollars, too, in the Bight Fund unless you think 100 percent of your revenue comes from tourists.[…]

Citizens Voice: November 17

“As an African American, when I see a Confederate flag flying high above a group of all white boat racers it only symbolizes the racism and hatred that remains in our country. And please, let’s lay off the alt-right revisionist history that the Civil War was not about slavery. There is enough fake news. We[…]

Citizens Voice: November 16

“I am a member of both the Sons of the American Revolution and the Sons of the Confederacy. I have no issue with the ‘stars and bars’ being flown. Liberals have promoted the Civil War was all about slavery, which it wasn’t. The Civil War was about states’ rights, which sadly included slavery but many[…]

Citizens Voice: Nov. 15

“People complaining about Confederate flag at the race village this weekend. How about the one flying over a liveaboard on Wisteria. These people absolutely sticking it to everyone.”  “Our two mile Lyft ride from the airport was prompt and pleasant, but way more expensive than expected: $17. Why is the per mile charge here far[…]

Citizens Voice: Nov. 14

“Since when has KOTS became a dog pound? Staff and regular people have dogs living here! One pit bull with phony internet therapy dog papers belongs to a staff member who sleeps in a old booth by gate. When did SHAL begin hiring the homeless? Used to be you lived there you could not work[…]

Citizens Voice: November 11

“I believe allowing power boats to park along the roadway into Ft. Zach is a mistake. It creates a bad traffic situation and prohibits cars and bikes from coming down the road and into the Fort. I hope next year will be different.”  “Oh my, did I read that correctly–Mr. Hackley is thinking about moving[…]

Citizens Voice: November 10

“Now that the city knows from an ex-employee, reputable source, that KOTS is in very bad condition, can the homeless staying there file a class-action against the city of Key West as the owners? And how much will that raise my taxes? Our uninformed mayor has left us all open to serious problems. Everybody knows[…]

Citizens Voice: November 09

“Why do we continue to remind the world that the Keys were hit by a serious hurricane? Two reasons: 1. We want people to know that we are usually more lush and tropical than we look now and 2. Playing ‘victim’ sells and generates compassion for more money to be spent.” “Was very disappointing watching[…]

Citizens Voice: November 08

“Truman Waterfront Park is now a boat camp. The bicycle paths and sidewalks are blocked by trucks and boats, the newly-planted lawn is being ruined by trucks and huge boats on trailers, along with live-aboard campers, trailers and golf carts. This is supposed to be a park for the enjoyment of people, not a massive parking lot[…]