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“Although I am very happy for the much improved lighting at Tommy Roberts Stadium, I am disheartened that once again, an out of county company received the bid to replace the lights which means that once again our tax dollars will not be re-spent in our county by these workers. The School District needs to[…]

Citizens Voice

“Commissioner Murphy’s objection to a toll on US1 saying it would not bring in enough money to fix our roads and bridges is absurd. Isn’t the idea to receive whatever money it generated to help fix things but also help with the biggest problem, to try and cut down on the horrible heavy traffic coming[…]

Citizens Voice: June 24

“Why do places that sell alcohol have to be 300 feet from churches? If they are at 299 feet, are the churches afraid that their parishioners are going to run off to Rum Church on Sunday, even if they get free wine at church? And is this not a violation of the Constitution with favor being[…]

Citizens Voice: June 23

“A fair way to create a toll on U.S. 1 would be to charge the Keys cities (Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Key West) a per-car user fee based on the traffic count. So Key Wes,t which gets a majority of the financial benefit of U.S. 1, would pay more for the maintenance of the road. The[…]

Citizens Voice: June 22

“If Key West truly wants to support the Paris Climate Accord, I suggest we send a check for $237,738. That is the promised $3 billion divided by the population of the United States then multiplied by the population of Key West.” “Many of us who live in Old Town support building more parking garages downtown[…]

Citizens Voice: June 21

“Seems obvious to intelligent people that the best case scenario for Poker Run organizers is to have no Key West sponsor. There will be lower operating costs, hence more money for charity.” “No. Duck. Boats. NO! NO! NO!” “To me, it looks like the Fantasy Fest company is on the right path. She has implemented a lot[…]

Citizens Voice

“I hope someone checked the alignment of the amphitheater vents to the predominant wind pattern from the southeast, that could make a huge difference in the summer.” “What business is it of a city commission to regulate what groups can gather in Key West. This is a free country and we are a part of[…]

Citizens Voice

“Key West is a traffic jam. Think you have a solution? Wednesday’s City Commission workshop on parking garages is probably your only chance for your voice to be heard. Leadership on this is not coming from city hall. It needs to come from the people.” “So HTA wants to bring back the Ducks. Those behemoths[…]

Citizens Voice

“Why aren’t the lower Duval bar owners offering to sponsor Poker Run? They are the ones making all of the money off it that want it so bad.” “What good is a warning in the Key West Citizen that mosquito control is going to aerial spray with a known endocrine disruptive toxic pesticide when the[…]

Citizens Voice: June 16

“Sadly, the five-hour business meeting that took place at your co-worker’s best money-making table is cheaper than renting office space, utilities and has free refills on coffee and tea. They were arrogant and entitled, they thought.” “Wait, you say there are 15 mahoganies, lined up, trimmed to reduce overall size, and planted on fill, and[…]