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Citizens Voice: November 11

“I believe allowing power boats to park along the roadway into Ft. Zach is a mistake. It creates a bad traffic situation and prohibits cars and bikes from coming down the road and into the Fort. I hope next year will be different.”  “Oh my, did I read that correctly–Mr. Hackley is thinking about moving[…]

Citizens Voice: November 10

“Now that the city knows from an ex-employee, reputable source, that KOTS is in very bad condition, can the homeless staying there file a class-action against the city of Key West as the owners? And how much will that raise my taxes? Our uninformed mayor has left us all open to serious problems. Everybody knows[…]

Citizens Voice: November 09

“Why do we continue to remind the world that the Keys were hit by a serious hurricane? Two reasons: 1. We want people to know that we are usually more lush and tropical than we look now and 2. Playing ‘victim’ sells and generates compassion for more money to be spent.” “Was very disappointing watching[…]

Citizens Voice: November 08

“Truman Waterfront Park is now a boat camp. The bicycle paths and sidewalks are blocked by trucks and boats, the newly-planted lawn is being ruined by trucks and huge boats on trailers, along with live-aboard campers, trailers and golf carts. This is supposed to be a park for the enjoyment of people, not a massive parking lot[…]

Citizens Voice

“Once again irrespective of whether it’s local, county, state for federal our elected representatives have let us all down by imposing higher taxes and favoring their rich pals. They are all owned by the insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies the rich. Nice job, Congress! Eliminate the estate tax – propose Draconian limits on 401k contributions and[…]

Citizens Voice: November 04

“I’m not entertainment for tourists as I try to recover from the storm. I’m sick of these pasty tourists being driven by my house on these little trains, gawking at me while I’m working in my yard. This is my life, not a tourist attraction, and next time, I just may show you the business[…]

Citizens Voice: November 03

“The difference between the ‘sexual harassment’ that goes on in Hollyweird and show business in general and Fantasy Fest is that in the former you can become a big star and make lots of money, and in the latter, you just get a bad hangover and sunburn!” “The electronic signs are worse than neon. Now[…]

Citizens Voice: Nov. 2

“I find it odd people are shocked, mad, angry about the charges out of ‘Hollyweird’ about sexual assault and sexual harassment, then show up here in Key West for Fantasy Fest doing things as bad if not worse. Hypocrites.” “Why is it that the most problematic/dangerous substances for the environment are the ones that are[…]

Citizens Voice: November 01

“A very huge thank you to all of the Fantasy Fest organizers, staff and volunteers. It was the best we have ever been to. We are one of the homes in Sugarloaf Key which was smacked by Irma. Even though we are working on clean up, repair, and rebuild, we welcomed the respite and humor[…]

Citizens Voice: October 31

“Hey, did we break the Monroe County record for murders in a year? If not, we should be getting close.” “It’s fine to pay hourly police, fire, public works staff overtime for Irma. But why do we allow six-figured, salaried management staff  to authorize their own ‘overtime’ pay to the tune of $10,000 each? Not[…]