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Citizens Voice: July 17

“In addition to being contrary to being Florida’s only All American scenic highway, light rail is absurdly expensive. According to Wikipedia, the cheapest system in recent years cost $15 million a mile. That means a minimum of $180 million to build, plus the $2.5 million in annual operating costs.If the County Commissioners absolutely must do[…]

Citizens Voice: July 16

“You get good employees by being a good example; you lead by doing. I hire local kids, teach them what I expect: A good first impression, courtesy and strong work ethic. Maybe it’s your management skills that are creating your poor results.” “How is it I’ve had the opposite experience when dealing with immigrant employees?[…]

Citizens Voice: July 15

“While the city is funding a new ‘park’ (that looks more and more like a parking lot), it can’t even maintain its current ones. Somehow the city figured out a way to calibrate the sprinklers at the Petronia soccer field to water the street but not the grass.” “You’re kidding, right? Offended that someone would[…]

Citizens Voice: June 14

“If ‘local kids’ were as well educated, intelligent, spoke English as well, clean-cut, and dependable as ‘immigrants’ they could get a job! …and FYI, no I’m not an immigrant. Just someone who notices the difference in the service that immigrants provide compared to the home-grown brats.” “A ‘snowflake’ is a person who’s worried about the[…]

Citizens Voice: July 13

“Q. What’s the difference between our city leadership and a drunken sailor? A. The drunken sailor has to pay for his excesses out of his own wallet. Our city leaders simply raises our taxes to pay for their excesses. If they would stop spending millions on discretionary items, they could actually cut our taxes.” “Instead of[…]

Citizens Voice: July 12

“The Truman Annex development was supposed to have a funding mechanism. Why are our taxes now being raised to pay for it?” “We reside in Golf Course Community; within City of Key West. We pay city taxes. Why do we also pay a separate group for our sewer service?” “Congratulations to the FWC officers and[…]

Citizens Voice: July 11

“TPS (Temporary Protected Status) needs to end for Haitians. The keyword is ‘temporary,’ and Haiti has recovered from the 2010 earthquake. Yep, that’s right, seven years ago. Their attempt to turn Key West/Stock Island into Port au Prince needs to end sooner rather than later.” “That comment from the angry Poinciana hater was most likely[…]

Citizens Voice

“Twenty three cars ahead of me trying to get into Fort Zach on a weekday in July. We have enough housing; any more and this place will be completely ruined.” “To the person confused about why Key Largo or Summerland Key would be against workforce housing, please stop with the liberal language. Being against workforce[…]

Citizen’s Voice: July 9

“Maybe you don’t like all of the signs, and really we don’t like them either, but maybe you are not the parent of a child coming home from school on a bike who was almost hit by a car at a corner where the county refuses to put a three-way stop, and maybe you are[…]

Citizens Voice: July 8

“I think an appropriate punishment for the two young Key deer poachers is to make them spend a year working with the staff of the refuge. A year’s hard work protecting and improving the refuge might result in at least one more deer added to the population that would serve to replace the one so[…]