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Citizens Voice: Aug. 27

“What about naming the amphitheater after those truly sponsoring it? Taxpayers Amphitheater.” “Too funny! One Human Family this is not, bashing Jimmy Buffett. Put all the names you all want in a hat, the mayor draws one and it’s a done deal! No whining, kids!” “What’s with all the Buffett bashing? Jimmy lived here for[…]

Citizens Voice: Aug. 26

“1) Name the amphitheater after a 1982 memorable Conch who declared we seceded from the union. 2) Yes, utilities and property taxes will keep rising and so does (the number of) employees who work for the utility company. The rest of us rarely see a raise; it’s like seeing a full eclipse of the sun. 3) Grade[…]

Citizens Voice: Aug. 25

“Please stop blaming landlords for raising rents and direct your anger where it belongs. Our city, county and school district. Everyone of these entities are raising property taxes this year and due to homestead laws; most of the increase is paid by landlords. I just got my tax notice for next year and my taxes[…]

Citizens Voice: Aug. 24

“Local Conchs will never support Buffett’s name going on any structure here in Key West. While new people worship him, just know, we know the real Jimmy Buffett.  He got lucky and that’s great but sorry, name it after the mayor or someone who actually really means something to the Conchs and deserves it. Butler[…]

Citizens Voice

“Iguanas do eat birds and other eggs! They are not total vegetarians. They also run ground owls and other ground dwellers out of their burrows. They cause untold millions in damages to sea walls, building foundations and grave yards as well. It seems many here in the Keys are intent on eradicating all non-native species.[…]

Citizens Voice: Aug. 22

“Invasive species don’t have to eat the indigenous ones to get rid of them. All they have to do is compete effectively for the same food supply and/or living space. It’s kind of like the out-of-towners that came in and drove up the real estate prices, putting the pressure on the locals.” “It always amazes[…]

Citizens Voice

“In today’s editorial page is a letter from an annual visitor concerned about the population explosion of iguanas in the Keys. And while he should be, he should also be more informed of what they eat. He blames the iguanas for the fact he sees fewer land crabs, rabbits & birds. If he took the[…]

Citizens Voice

“The Sheriff’s Office could save $2 million by buying an existing gun range that is for sale on Big Pine Key for under $100,000. Very low lease rate. Surely $2 million could be better spent on something other than a range for local law enforcement.” “No rented bikes can be in a city rack? That’s[…]

Citizens Voice: Aug. 19

“The aqueduct should be ashamed of the shoddy work they do patching our streets. The repairs they make for small areas quickly cave in and the repairs on half street cuts are not even with the road. I don’t think there is one street in this town that the Aqueduct has not messed up. The[…]

Citizens Voice: Aug. 18

“Commissioner Kolhage — enough with the ‘only the canal properties should pay to clean the canals!’ Previous commissioners allowed them to be built. The canals hold state and ACOE controlled waters. With your logic, since I don’t have any children, I shouldn’t have to pay school tax. By the way, on my canal, I get[…]