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C.J. GEOTIS - Citizen Fishing Columnist

An excellent yellowtail snapper outing

I just had one of my best days of yellowtail snapper fishing in a very long time. I don’t target yellowtails as a rule, I am a trolling guy at heart, but every now and then I love to run out to the reef, put the boat at anchor, sit back in the quiet and[…]

Summer fishing Keys style

I love the Florida Keys in the summer. I’ve always been amazed when my snowbird friends head back home to escape the summer heat and do not come back until the frozen up-north winter weather is knocking at their front doors. It’s not that I don’t think this is a wonderful lifestyle, it’s just that[…]

Zeke and Nancy come to town

Every now and then, I have an exceptionally pleasant fishing experience. This happened to me just recently. Friends from Charleston, North Carolina, came to spend some time in the Keys and we planned to go fishing one of those days.  I have known Zeke Godfrey for a little more than three years. We met by[…]