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Here’s how to deal with body shaming of the ‘ideal’

How we feel about our bodies is complicated. We’re bombarded with hundreds of images daily, selling a notion of the ideal. We look at pictures, and then we look at ourselves and judge. Even slight variations from the perceived ideal can leave us feeling upset, depressed and diminished. Constantly being made to feel bad about[…]

Healthy fish choices made easy — despite mercury

Suggesting that people eat more fish is a “good news, bad news” situation. On the positive side, many types of fish are higher in healthy omega-3 fatty acids. More than a dozen large studies show that eating just one or two servings of fish a week can lower your risk of a heart attack by[…]

Are your tight hips the cause of your lower back pain?

People sit a lot more than they used to and it’s becoming a real pain in the back. The problem revolves around a group of muscles that connect the lower body, called the hip flexors. These are the muscles that allow us to bend at the waist, raise our knees and sit down.  Muscles that[…]

Best ways to recover after a run, race

What you do after a run can be just as important as what you do preparing for a run. There are certain actions you must take so your body is better able to recover. It’s especially important after long runs of 5K or more, and whenever you finish a competitive race. In those situations you[…]

Here’s the skinny: Four fat myths vs. just the facts

Several myths about fat continue to be passed around. Here are four of the most common. • Eating fat makes you fat. It started to gain traction in the 1960s and 1970s and was promoted by an organization called the Sugar Research Foundation. They funded scientific studies that were designed to link unhealthy fats in[…]

Here’s how to cut back on your soda intake

Every year Americans guzzle gallons of soda that the Centers for Disease Control and prevention classifies as “sugar sweetened beverages” or SSB. The amount we drink has increased from about 14,402 calories a year in 1950 to an astonishing 74,633 calories a year in 2015. That’s enough calories to put on 21 pounds annually.  I’ve[…]