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Here are 5 things you should skip in the morning

The way you start your morning often sets the tone for the rest of the day. Want to have a better one? Skip these tempting traps when you wake up.  Don’t use the snooze button. If you hit it, your body relaxes and you attempt to fall back asleep. Unfortunately just as you’re beginning to[…]

Beware of fake weight loss products and alternative facts

Every time you go online, you’re being targeted. Advertisers are looking at the websites you read, how long you stay on each one and what motivates you. Through hundreds of actions you take each week, they start to build a profile of who you are … and what you might buy.  All the information adds[…]

Health Notebook

HIV TESTING — KEY WEST • Gordon Rollins Center, 1434 Kennedy Drive, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., appointments are strongly urged. 305-296-6196. • Florida Department of Health in Monroe County, Gato Building, 1100 Simonton St., walk-in Monday and Wednesday, from 9 a.m. to noon and 1 to 3 p.m. 305-809-5664 or[…]

Are deadlifts (a compound movement) right for you?

The deadlift is known as a “compound movement.” That means it works nearly every muscle in your body. A deadlift done properly can easily drain half or more of your training energy. It’s exactly the sort of movement that helps build muscle and burn fat, but there’s a downside. Not everybody has a body type[…]

Here are some things even healthy people get wrong

I look at living a healthy lifestyle as a never-ending journey. Every month there are new discoveries, updated recommendations and revelations about what keeps us healthy, and what makes us sick. No matter how diligent someone may be, simple things can be missed. Here are four things even healthy people tend to get wrong, and[…]

Here are ways to improve your form working out alone

Working out alone has certain advantages. You can change your schedule at the last minute and don’t have to worry about coordinating with someone else. You’re less likely to spend time chatting, so you get through workouts faster. You can also focus exclusively on exercises best designed to further your goals.  The downside of solo[…]

Choose a diet rich in anti- inflammatory foods

Dear Doctor, Can the food we eat affect chronic inflammation in the body?   Dear Reader, In a previous column, we addressed the first half of a two-part question about inflammation — what it is, and how it can be affected by diet. In answering the first half of the question, we discussed the two[…]

High-intensity interval exercise helps fight old age

There appears to be an exercise program that will literally help keep you younger. Hundreds of studies have been conducted that demonstrate the benefits of cardio exercise and weight training, but none have actually tested various programs against each other and measured the results on a cellular level — until now.  The Mayo Clinic in[…]

See a registered dietician if your weight plan is complicated

Working out can only take your body so far. What you put in your mouth is at least half of the equation. That puts personal trainers in an awkward position when dealing with weight loss clients.  Personal trainers are hired for their knowledge of the human body and how to move it for best effect.[…]

Here are some tips to get more from your running

Running is a great way to get some cardio exercise, but there are a few tips that can make things easier. Last week I covered if and when you should lean, where to look and how best to move your arms. This week is all about your stride, knees and motivation.  You don’t have to[…]