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Letters To The Editor

Big Pine residents thankful for assistance

As the lead of the Big Pine Park neighborhood, I’d like to thank the Baptist men and women of North Carolina. I got my yard cleaned up on Monday and I thank God and the Baptist men for helping me. The women and men also fed me, my son and all the residents of Big[…]

The politics of fracking the Everglades

I’m glad to see that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke was in South Florida to share his vision for Everglades restoration.  Although the proposed Lake Okeechobee reservoir project would be built miles from us in the Keys, its positive impact to our water resources would be enormous. The intricate springs, aquifers, lakes, rivers and canals are[…]

Cudjoe burning is illogical

For weeks, when the wind blows from the north, smoke and ash from the burning of yard waste on Blimp Road inundates the southern part of Cudjoe Key.  Numerous residents have complained about flare-ups of respiratory problems, smoke on curtains and drapes, and ash on vehicles and boats. The state’s answer has been that the[…]

Hurricane Irma cleanup efforts need to continue

I am still working on cleanup from Hurricane Irma. I have received no help, although some neighbors have offered. But they have their own cleanup issues and jobs to go to, so it is unfair to want them to help out. So far, there has been one attempt at a pickup of the hurricane debris[…]

Hoping Big Pine Key area gets cleaned up soon

Right on, Key West Citizen editorial of Nov. 4! “We have to wonder if a Commissioner or Senior County staff member lived among the …[debris] strewn … more would be done by now …” It was upsetting to hear this morning on the radio that debris removal would be ending soon,since some streets on Big[…]

National Guard brings the light

So, I am sitting on my rear end in my hurricane-damaged house on Summerland Key while suffering from PTIS (Post Traumatic Irma Syndrome). Those of you who went through this storm and had extensive damage know the symptoms: overwhelmed physically, emotionally and financially, and trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel,[…]

Welcomes EPA review of Oxitec’s plans

I was very pleased and relieved to finally receive the notification that the EPA will be conducting a full and thorough review of Oxitec’s attempt to release mosquitoes that have been impregnated with genetically modified material. This change in oversight all but eliminates the possibility of releasing GM mosquitoes anywhere in the Florida Keys or[…]

Bureaucracy, lives and crosswalks

As recently reported in The Key West Citizen, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) stated it would be at least two years before changes are made to the dangerous crosswalks on North Roosevelt Boulevard. Key West City Manager, Jim Scholl, was quoted, “We’ll keep working it, but FDOT’s a big organization … It’s their road,[…]

Year-round rentals show be rewarded

Year-round rentals should be rewarded Everyone agrees that more must be done to support affordable housing options in the city. Providing tax breaks to property owners who rent year-round is an excellent idea that I believe could be implemented quickly. The city should strongly consider taking this action. As you know, many property owners currently[…]

Recognizing heroics during Hurricane Irma

Recognizing heroics during Hurricane Irma Reflecting on Hurricane Irma: “Leadership and Valor were a Common Virtue.” These qualities rose up and manifested themselves via an assortment of public officials. The citizens of Florida and Monroe County were not caught flatfooted nor unaware, as to the dangerous and deadly threat zeroing in on their homes, families and[…]

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