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Letters To The Editor

Sigsbee Park and the affordable housing myth

And ….. Therein lies why affordable housing in Monroe County is as available as unicorns. Morons like Carlos Curbelo, who think that rents of $2,600 to $3,000 are “affordable.” Mr. Curbelo, kindly let me educate you. According to Monroe County, in order for $3,000 per month to be “affordable” rent: A) the house would have[…]

Let’s stop misstatements about ‘affordable’ housing

There are some fundamental misconceptions in the public discourse about “affordable,” “workforce” and “employee” housing. They are not the same, yet developers often use the terms interchangeably. They shouldn’t. Monroe County officials have recognized that affordable housing here is not really affordable. The county’s biggest need is for very low/low-income “employee” housing, where, in exchange[…]

FWC needs drones

To Sen. Anitere Flores, please use this letter to assist you in convincing your fellow legislators to provide airborne drones to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Clearly, one drone could increase the efficiency of an officer many, many times over, especially here in the Keys where the few officers on duty are supposed[…]

Fisheries mismanagement

After spending 26 years on the South Atlantic Fisheries Management Council’s snapper/grouper advisory panel (AP) — I learned a few things about fisheries mismanagement. The hogfish fiasco is a classic example of how management often fails. Numerous times throughout my years on the AP we expressed concern about the condition of the hogfish stocks. The[…]

Biking, walking would solve parking issues

The Zombie Ride is proof that the parking and traffic problems can be solved quickly and inexpensively. Every year the zombie bike ride is more successful. Sure it’s fun and gross at the same time, but a zombie ​event in one static location would not ​be as popular. I believe the real draw is that this event[…]

The last iconoclast

Why did the United States, and the entire mainstream media, go gaga on Aug. 21 over the obvious fact that heavenly bodies cast shadows, like everything else? As a teenage life guard, not a high IQ demographic, I not only discovered this scientific phenomenon all by myself, I grasped the fact that it probably explained[…]

A sponsor for the amphitheater?

The latest proposal calling for a sponsor baffles me in a couple of ways. When I served on the City Commission, I, and others on the dais, opposed this project’s magnitude on the basis that it would be a financial drain — not to mention a theft of much-needed green space from our citizens —[…]

New alliance formed to aid Lower Keys

The Lower Keys Alliance Inc., has been formed to give additional voice to the wishes and concerns of residents of the Torch Keys, Ramrod Key, Summerland Key, Cudjoe Key, Sugarloaf Key, and the Saddle Bunch Keys The goal of the Lower Keys Alliance is to focus on issues affecting the quality of life of its[…]

Iguanas taking over the Florida Keys

We visit the Keys for at least two weeks each year for the last 35 years. The iguanas used to be a quaint occasional sight. Today, they are ubiquitous, and obviously are wreaking havoc on the native wildlife.  This last week, we saw virtually no land crabs (two to be exact), 1 rabbit (yes, one!),[…]

Appreciates area support of Paris Climate Accord

Key West’s mayor and commissioners are empowered to set the strategic direction for the city. That’s why Last Stand supports resolutions, such as the recent adoption of the Paris Climate Accord, that guide city staff on priorities that have a daily impact on residents’ quality of life. Adopting the Paris agreement requires the city to[…]

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