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Letters To The Editor

Recognizing Keys’ unsung heroes

Last Sunday, wanting to help with the cleanup in the Lower Keys, I drove from Islamorada to Big Pine Key not really knowing where I would find a group that needed volunteers. It did not take me long to find one right on U.S. 1. What attracted my attention were two large tents with many[…]

Hurricane brings together many people

It took a couple of killer hurricanes to bring this whole country together and for the moment, got our minds off our problem of racism. I met a beautiful black woman named Susan volunteering with the Red Cross all the way from Alaska taking the night shift at the nursing station at shelter No. 3.[…]

Credits police for keeping order during, after Irma

Sometimes it seems as though we Key West citizens live in Mayberry, but having a police department that can handle a Fantasy Fest year after year is no Barney Fife operation.  I guess I need reminding every so often. Not evacuating town when Irma came by, I had the opportunity to be one of the[…]

Be gentle to neighbors, now and always

To those in The Florida Keys Who have gone through so much these past weeks, we salute you! Immediately after the storm, Suburban Propane was manning the desk and getting people the gas they needed to fuel generators while the power was still out. One of their workers was delivering gas on the Saturday after[…]

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