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Letters To The Editor

Veterans Service assistant a jewel in the community

Seeking medical services for wounds they incurred in combat has brought many veterans to the desk of Xenia Leonteva, a staff assistant for our county’s extraordinary Veterans Service Officer Gary Johnson. Ms. Leonteva’s brilliant handling of their concerns is representative of her commitment and dedication to serve Monroe County’s veterans and their families. I’ve come[…]

Public safety is a weighty issue

I am writing to express concerns regarding public safety and those individuals who have sworn to uphold it. Several years ago I had opportunity to ask Police Chief Donie Lee if there was a requirement that police officers maintain good physical health, and his reply was that there was not. During that same time period,[…]

Pleased with experience at Lower Keys Medical Center

Recently I had the unfortunate experience of leaving a cruise ship in Key West with a cardiac event. However, the experience turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I was taken by ambulance to the Lower Keys Medical Center. Everyone at the hospital — from the emergency room personnel, floor nurses, ICU nurses and[…]

Key West litter is out of control

A second garbage “patch” found off Chile is larger than Mexico. The Great Garbage Patch off California is the size of Texas. A “patch” is plastic pollution resembling confetti in oceanic gyres, making them almost impossible to clean up. National Geographic says plastic pollution is becoming ubiquitous, with 90 percent of sea birds consuming it[…]

Purple Heart plate serves as a reminder

“Purple Heart Day” in the United States is celebrated on Aug. 7. The Purple Heart Medal is awarded under the most adversarial of circumstances. Many recipients are never presented with their award as their next of kin receives it posthumously, because the individual honoree was “Killed In Action.” Other members of the Armed Forces awarded[…]

Disconcerted by push against Uber

Recently, while sitting at the arrival area of the Key West airport, I was disconcerted by the county security officer continually telling arrivals not to use Uber because it was more expensive, hidden charges, etc. About one-third of the passengers (my estimate) had booked Uber or indicated they wanted to use it. The county security[…]

TWAB never voted for city amphitheater

In regard to the comments about the amphitheater and, just for the record, when you refer to the “governing board,” I could be wrong, but I’m guessing you mean the Truman Waterfront Advisory Board. FYI, the Advisory Board never voted for the amphitheater, we just discussed it and voiced concerns after a presentation by city[…]

Chamber wants FKAA to delay plant decisions

The Key West Chamber of Commerce is requesting that the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority delay decisions regarding the Stock Island RO plant expansion and/or replacement for a year, in order to facilitate public discussion and vetting of both the communityĆ¢€™s water supply interruption needs, long-range sustainability strategies and feasibility of the solutions being proposed. We[…]

‘Potential for harm’ if concerts held at state park

I am writing to request help in stopping a 17-day rock concert/music festival that is being proposed at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park in Key West. I recently read a series of “Citizens Voice” comments in The Key West Citizen on this proposed venue. These comments alerted me to the great potential for harm to[…]

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