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"To Your Pet's Health" by Dr. Doug Mader

Bloody nose in a rat – another Irma victim?

Dear Dr. Doug,  I’ve had a pet rat for about three years. Since the storm it has developed a bloody nose that does not seem to want to go away. It also has a very subtle tilt to its head, off to the right side. It is eating and pooping normally, but, even aside from[…]

Hurricane Irma pet stories, Part II

Dr. Doug, My husband and I evacuated to Sarasota with all nine of our pets. There’s no one ever left behind here. It took two cars and a utility trailer to transport everyone and all of their supplies.  I always keep a travel cage for all the reptiles and we took along trees and plants[…]

Hurricane Irma: Pet storm stories from readers

Dear Dr. Doug, Hello from Mildred! Mildred wants to share with you her newly repaired and better-than-ever home, and we hope yours is going to be in good shape once again, too.  We understand your home was damaged, as were many. To start, her Conch house washed away to the ocean and came back on[…]

Hurricane changes our pets, our lives forever

It’s been two months since Hurricane Irma touched all of us here in the Keys – touched is a bit light of an adjective. I think that I can speak for most of us, Hurricane Irma not just touched us here, but had a profound impact on our lives.  For me personally, life will never[…]

Cats spraying in the house after Hurricane Irma

Dr. Doug, I read your article about the cat that was excessively grooming after the storm. Since Irma one of my two cats has started spraying in the house. Actually, it is not our original home, but an apartment that we are renting. He never did this before and I know that I am going[…]

Stress of hurricane could affect cat’s grooming habits

Dear Dr. Doug, I have a wonderful cat that has started acting strangely since we came home after being gone for the Hurricane Irma evacuation. We went to stay with friends in Ocala. They had two dogs and a cat. Our cat pretty much remained in the guest room where we were staying the entire[…]

Dead animals can carry other serious diseases for pets

Dr. Doug,  What’s with all the dead iguanas on the roads since (Hurricane) Irma? I know we have a lot of iguanas and I am used to seeing an occasional dead on one the side of the road, but, my gosh, they are all over the place! I can’t walk my dog without coming across[…]

Ringworm can affect people as well as pets

Dr. Doug, I adopted a new kitten from the shelter. It was perfect when I got it home, but about a week later it started losing patches of fur on its ears and around its head. About a week after that my dog started losing patches of fur, and now I have scabs on my[…]