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"Tan Lines" by Mandy Miles

Live and learn

Wow, welcome back. It’s been awhile. To answer the requisite questions : We stayed and we did fine. We spent the thick of things in my generous colleague Tim O’Hara’s Category 5 Railway Condo, where hurricane-proof windows showed us the fury of the storm we’d been watching since it was a mile and a half[…]

Dark days

I looked like a chimney sweep. Or a coal miner. Or some horribly racist blackface performer. I was covered in black printer ink Thursday night. It was in my ear (apparently I’d had an itch.) It was on my phone screen (I’d been reading support forums and watching YouTube repair videos). It was under my[…]

Suspense was killing me

I didn’t even wait for the disco lights to flash behind me about a week and a half ago when I got pulled over on Simonton Street. I was undoubtedly getting a ticket. So I gathered my paperwork and waited, thinking, “How bad could this be?” As I was soon to learn, it could be[…]