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"Tan Lines" by Mandy Miles

Password, please…

Remember when passwords could be a single, lowercase word, phrase or name without any numbers, capitals or special characters? My very first password was corona. (Hey, give me a break, I was in college and still wondering about this new technology that let me send an electronic message to a friend on the other side[…]

I confess …

I have to mumble compulsively to myself, “Thirty days has September, April, June and November …,” when calculating a calendar date. Every single time. At 41 years old, I should simply know there are 31 days in August, but my mind doesn’t work that way. I still have to envision a compass rose with the[…]

Government to the rescue

Nice job, guys. Thank you. Thank you for the smart, effective and efficient use of government resources last week during mini-season. Wow. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write. And I know my dad is reading this on his front porch at the Jersey Shore and shaking his head, wondering where he went wrong in[…]

Where are you going?

OK, first things first. Did I miss a memo? Or some sort of Facebook survey? Was it an organized consensus or just a bunch of individual decisions to completely abandon the use of turn signals?  Have we really gotten so lazy that we can’t be bothered to move our left hand less than six inches[…]

It’s not fair

I’m a sucker for clever pet names. Last week, while interviewing a couple, I met their sweet cat, Tsunami, and a funny, white ferret named BOLO, as in “Be on the Lookout.” It’s a welcoming household, but one that made me wince, yet again, at how unfair it is when bad things happen to good people. There are[…]

Hanging up

I finally did it. I left.  It wasn’t easy; but change never is. I’m still finding my way through some uncharted territory during this adjustment period, so please bear with me if it takes me longer to answer or return your call, or reply to a text message or email. I know I’ll be fine,[…]

They got me this time …

I fell for it. I knew it was happening. I even commented on it, but still I got sucked in. They’re geniuses, I tell ya, marketing geniuses. And they got me. Has anyone else been offered a “lightning deal” while shopping on Amazon Prime? My mom had gotten me a bedside lamp for Christmas that[…]

This is the week

We’re outta here; packing up and heading north. Not for good, just the week.  It’s our usual week in Ocean City at the South Jersey Shore, my old stomping grounds, with my parents, brother, sister-in-law, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins, their kids, my brother’s friends and their kids, and my college roommate with her husband and their[…]

Prized possessions

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” I thought to myself last weekend, pounding on the steering wheel and shaking my head in a Tourette’s-like tirade while driving east on Flagler Avenue. “The nerve of some people. How dare they? Just who do they think they are?” Oh, I was all fired up. For about eight seconds. Then[…]