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Our Man In Havana

Taking the Cuban country roads less traveled

At roughly the size, but not shape, of Pennsylvania, Cuba has more than 37,000 miles of roads, of which just under 19,000 miles are paved. Running along the island’s spine is the two-lane “Carretera Central.” This well-maintained road runs the entire length of Cuba, some 750 miles, from Pinar del Rio to Guantanamo province. The[…]

The art of Fabelo in Key West

Cuba enjoys a lively art scene and at the heart of this phenomenon is Roberto Fabelo. Born in GuĂ„imaro, Cuba, in 1951, Fabelo continues to be one of the island’s most intriguing artistic characters with works on display around the globe. The painter, sculptor and illustrator, who cam to prominence in the 1980s, produces his[…]

Back in time we go …

On Jan. 4, 1961, along the Malecon in Havana, U.S. Marines Cpl Larry Morris, Sgt Francis “Mike” East, and Master Gunnery Sgt James Tracy had the solemn task of lowering the American flag at the Embassy of the United States. They had spent the morning with fellow soldiers incinerating classified documents, preparing for their departure[…]

A ride on the not-so wild side …

By now, any occasional reader of this column is familiar with the town of Vinales. It’s about three hours and worlds apart from Havana. Here, you won’t be hassled to buy fake cigars or panhandled, either. In place of those lovely experiences are salt-of-the-earth residents living among huge limestone mountains called mogotes, all surrounded by[…]

Bridging the divide of Cuba geography

Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean, is currently comprised of 15 provinces and the Isle of Youth, a special municipality, located 60 miles from Cuba’s southern shore. Spanning nearly 750 miles, the island is roughly 120 miles with no point further than 50 miles from the sea.  From east to west, the current provinces[…]

Parque Bacanoa — Cuba’s ‘Jurassic Park”

Cuba’s southernmost region is known as the “cradle of the revolution,” and is chock full of attractions and historical sites. Some are very interesting, while others are kinda strange and kitschy. One such place is the “Prehistoric Valley” which is located about 20 kilometers from the bustling streets of Santiago de Cuba, once the capital[…]

Just a bit off the beaten tourist path …

Just when I thought I had seen all the really cool stuff in Havana, I found myself in “Los Jardines de La Tropical” on the banks of the Almendares River in April. How could I have missed this place? Turns out, it’s a truly hidden gem, a “fur piece” off the typical tourist trail, which[…]