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Our Man In Havana

After baseball, dominos topples the competition

Most agree, baseball is the national sport of Cuba, but if there is a close second, it’s dominos. The first few times I visited the island, this phenomenon went largely unnoticed. Sure, we’d see people gathered around tables on stoops and in the parks, but so many other things commanded our attention. But once my[…]

Habana Libre Hotel has a storied history

Located in the Vedado section of Havana is the Habana Libre Hotel. The 25-floor architectural landmark was inaugurated in March 1958 by Conrad Hilton himself, but became a relatively short run for the hotel mogul. When Fidel Castro and his fellow revolutionaries entered Havana on Jan. 8, 1959, they quickly made the hotel their headquarters,[…]

‘Hall of Mirrors’ highlights moment in Cuba’s history

One of many Cuban presidents was one Mario Garcia Menocal (1913-1921). Like his predecessors, Menocal was another puppet-like leader, backed by the United States, and was known to like the “finer things” in life. So when the Provincial Government Palace was proposed on a primo piece of real estate in Old Havana, he just had[…]

Eating in Cuba sometimes can be eggs-cruciating

Few things can exacerbate a morning hangover more than dodgy eggs. What do I mean by dodgy? All I’m saying is that I have a photo I shot in Cuba of the greenest scrambled eggs I had ever seen, and thankfully, have not seen again. Back in 2000, when I was lovingly presented with this[…]

Cuba coastline continues to rebuild from Irma

Before Hurricane Irma came knocking on our collective doors, the monstrous Atlantic hurricane, one of the largest ever, paid Cuba a nasty visit. And while my friends in Havana suffered little damage to their homes, parts of the capital were inundated with up to five feet of storm surge and thousands of dwellings were damaged[…]

Marti statue looms large over Cuba

Cuba’s Capitol city of Havana is subdivided into 15 municipalities, which include Arroyo Naranjo, Cotorro, Diez de Octubre, East Havana, La Lisa, San Miguel de Padron, Regla, Old Havana, Central Havana, Cerro, Boyeros, Playa, Marianao, Guanabacoa and Plaza of the Revolution, with the latter being one of the most populous. Of the more than 2[…]

No matter the mode, travel to ‘La Farola’ worth the trip

Google just told me it’s about 600 miles from Havana to Baracoa. I would have guessed it was farther, but hey, it’s the internet. Regardless, I strongly suggest a visit to this truly out-of-the-way locale, but be prepared for a long haul. Over the many years, I’ve gone by plane, train and automobile, with the[…]