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CAPT. PETE PETERSON - Citizen Fishing Columnist

You don’t want to fish with ‘that guy’

I could hear the fishermen coming down the dock from a distance. One of them is loudly boasting about all the places he has fished and the trophy fish he has caught.  As suspected, these guys turn out to be my charter.  One guy with a perpetual booming voice continues to drown out everyone else[…]

Fishing … after the storm and subsequent repairs

After weeks of making emergency repairs and cleaning seaweed, ocean muck, and mold out of my downstairs enclosure, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to get back fishing! It turned out my first post storm trip was a corporate off-shore fishing event being held at Sunset Key.  I got my fishermen onboard and gave[…]

Every day of fishing is an adventure

I recently had the opportunity to fish with one of the guys I was stationed with in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. While most of the sailors living on “the rock” hated the abject isolation and being restricted to a tiny base surrounded by minefields, Garry Schulte and I tried to enjoy every opportunity available to go[…]