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Robin Robinson - Citizen Columnist

Bunches of blue, blue, blue

Gardens will provide a sassy, young lass with a pick-me-up. She can take two florets of the blue plumbago shrub and plop them on her earlobes. They will stick. Voila! Instant charm.  Striking blue flowers grace the terminal ends of branches. The racemes have 10 to 20 florets that are blue, red, purple, or pink[…]

Striking stamens on Cat’s Whiskers in the moonlight

Cat’s Whiskers has a splendid six-inch tall blossom with tiny two-lipped white or lavender flowers that shoot out four-inch stamens growing on terminal branches. These look like a kitty cat’s whiskers, hence the name. The shrub is covered with multiple blossoms and it blooms off and on, year round. The textures of these flamboyant flower[…]