Key West CitizenOctober 7, 2017

To those in The Florida Keys Who have gone through so much these past weeks, we salute you!

Immediately after the storm, Suburban Propane was manning the desk and getting people the gas they needed to fuel generators while the power was still out.

One of their workers was delivering gas on the Saturday after the storm with a foot of water in his own home.

FedEx lost its base of operations in the Keys but they’re still out there delivering all hours of the night.

Restaurants, like Off the Hook. fed the hungry and weary all day for free.

And that’s not even to mention all of the public workers, first responders, city and county staff whose homes have been damaged or destroyed and are working to service us.

It is a time to be very, very sensitive and kind. People are living without a roof, or with leaking one, in boarded-up houses, with broken windows, floors torn up, disarray and yet they’re going to work.

Be gentle with your neighbors. Make this a tipping point in your life. Treat everyone as if they just lost their roof and we will remain the same special place where people really care and rally to help their neighbors whether they know them or not.

Nance Frank

Key West