Key West CitizenJune 19, 2017

“Key West is a traffic jam. Think you have a solution? Wednesday’s City Commission workshop on parking garages is probably your only chance for your voice to be heard. Leadership on this is not coming from city hall. It needs to come from the people.”

“So HTA wants to bring back the Ducks. Those behemoths are the last things we need on our already packed streets.Contact your commissioner!”

“Of course public schools don’t want to share tax revenues with charter schools. Public schools have a lot of waste and still complain they don’t have enough. They have spewed that propaganda for 30 years now while not improving outcomes but growing administrations.”

“We on Sugarloaf were told our croc would not be relocated. We also were on the receiving end of a relocated croc from Bahia Honda. I guess this 10-foot man eater will be sent our way as well. How about relocating this cute fella to the sheriff’s animal farm?”

“If the person posting who is so concerned about democracy in Cuba would please explain why everything you wear and own is from Communist China? It’s all a bunch of sour grapes and hypocrisy.”

“Can someone teach the Miami people manners. like hello, thank you, please, you are welcome. The rudest people on the plant. Stay in Miami if you act like that.”