Key West CitizenAugust 10, 2017

“Be good to the good employees! There might not be a lot of jobs out there, but there are more jobs than good employees!”

“Who cares what ride service you’ll take and who will pick you up at the airport? No one cares how you leave. … Just leave!”

“I commend the young people who made the movie ‘Paradise.’ Just want to know where it was filmed, if they had permits and want assurances that no wild life was disturbed.”

“Remember the quote from ‘Blues Brothers’: “We play both kinds of music, country and western.’”

“Dear City Commissioners: I ride motorcycles. I attend motorcycle events. If you believe what ‘Full Throttle’ magazine is telling you about ‘bikers leaving their motorcycles … at their hotels … and using the trolleys,’ I have some great swamp land in Florida for sale cheap that you might be interested in! You can expect Greene Street to become one big parking lot.”

“The Florida Keys is a small community that seems to care about the environment, no matter which political party they prefer; then why aren’t people pushing for energy independence? We’re small and nimble. Energy independence would bring down the cost of living here.”

“Just tell me where everyone is going to park?”

“The primary concern that I have with Poker Run is the number of unlawful motorcycles with no mufflers but open pipe exhausts that disrupt peace and quiet. Law enforcement has never done anything to stop those violations; the officers simply look the other way.”

“I miss the fountain at Bayview Park. I was under the impression that maintenance was provided through a gift from Frank Romano. It provided a nice entrance to Old Town. I enjoyed its soothing presence.”

“The Key West Police Department should start doing some traffic enforcement and try and straighten out the chaos caused by these out-of-town ride-share drivers. And this is the slow season; wait until season gets here!”

“Is a negative pelican a pelicant?”

“Now that the sewers have been mostly completed, what exactly are all the dump trucks on our roads transporting?”

“So they admit that they cost the county $360,000 in lost tax revenue while operating here illegally. Why even consider doing business with them. How honest will they be revealing their ‘clients?’ Ban them totally from operating in Monroe County.”