Key West CitizenAugust 11, 2017

“Is anyone really surprised the Fort Zach Music Festival was approved? I have said it before and I will say it again: The powers that be will pimp out our city for a buck anytime they can.”

“I’m tired of hearing locals complaining about tourists. You probably came here as a tourist first yourself and then you moved here. Read a bit of history and you’ll find that if it wasn’t for visitors coming to the Keys to spend money, there would be no economy, period. There is no agriculture, sponging, wrecking, etc. to sustain the islands anymore. We should do more with land-use zoning to be fair to all, but until then, knock off the whining.”

“I am thinking with the supposed attendance for two music festivals within a week or so of each other, many will need parking. I will charge $50 a day to park in my driveway. I can fit 2 cars in tandem. Maybe even invite a guest or two into my spare bedroom for a $200 ‘donation’ per night.”

“So the historic Fort and the land at the State Park means so little to you at DEP and City of Key West that you are willing to risk it all of a $10,000 donation? Shame on you all! That park seems plenty busy and I would imagine takes in a lot of money without some hotshot coming in and trashing the place for a ‘nominal fee.’ This beautiful park will never be the same again.”

“I spent some time with friends in North Florida last week and couldn’t believe how many Florida Keys ads were on TV. So you really think people in North Florida haven’t heard of the Keys? The TDC has so much money they don’t even know how to spend it. The latest trend is the millions of visitors to Miami being told what a great day trip it is to drive to Key West and back. Keep it up, TDC. Soon the road will be completely gridlocked everyday.”

“How ironic — the Tree Commission agreed to move forward with the Heritage Tree program. Wow, that’s great, but I thought that’s what the Tree Commission is for — to protect Heritage trees. Well I think we all know the answer to that, they don’t! Anyway, it’s a positive step forward. I will take it!”

“Our School Board seems to consider itself in competition with charter schools, instead of in partnership with them. I suspect a better attitude would go a lot farther than higher budgets and newer buildings.”

“As the city refuses to listen to its residents, and the state apparently has no concern for the delicate balance of Fort Zach, maybe the people of Key West should show up for a huge protest during this festival. I am sure this would not be appealing to the visitors (or as the officials call them, God).”