Key West CitizenAugust 12, 2017

“Based on what I read here, it seems that there is a very vocal minority that just doesn’t want anyone to physically enjoy anything on Key West. You folks need a hobby other than being condo Nazis and become part of the solution of making sure that events in Key West are responsible and people are good stewards to our environment while also enjoying it. Enough with ‘the sky is falling’ garbage with any event or activity. Get a grip.”

“I like the citizens protest idea during the Fort Zach music fest. I am sure this citizen will be inconvenienced since I buy a yearly pass to the park and my enjoyment of the serene beauty both visually and audibly will be altered.”

“It’s time to retire Mr. Hackley’s diary. We know he bought and sold slaves, raided turtle nests and now know he beat his dog. I realize it was a different time, but when was it ever OK to beat a chained animal? And it’s even sadder knowing that this man was a judge.”

“A heads-up to all those who want to enjoy Lobsterfest — after being closed for four months, the season opened with fish houses paying $5 per pound for the hand-picked selection that Chinese buyers want and $4 per pound for the remainder that the American buyers purchase. With that in mind, your prices at the festival and restaurants should be rock-bottom this year. If not, the middle man is making a lot more money than those who put everything on the line to commercially fish.”

“To the person who said there would be no Keys economy without tourism, you’re wrong. There are a high number of retired people living in the Keys who are drawing pensions, retirement pay, dividends and interest on investments, and Social Security. This creates a base of income in Monroe County that is independent of employment.  Add military and commercial fishing and tourism only produces about half of the local economy. Now, if the tourism industry would behave like it was only half the contribution.”

“Thank you to parking enforcement for finally plastering the helicopter scooter with public notice. I hope they tow it away. He’s determined to push the limits, no matter what he does.”

“Hoorah — the Bight’s bond is paid off this year and the city is making extra money next year for the amphitheater events, too. Then tell me why the city has decided to raise the taxes for the residents? Come on City Hall, who’s reviewing these budgets and doing nothing about this?”  

“You can email the DEP to voice your concerns about the proposed multiday music fest at Fort  Zach at”

“Energy independence is not cheap. Renewable energy is an expensive luxury.”