Key West CitizenAugust 13, 2017

“With ROGO keeping those who constantly desire more wealth from milking the island for all it is worth in real estate, now they turn to concert events as a way to flood the city to their gain. And if you notice, nothing is ever taken away from the equation — no fewer cruise ships, no fewer tour buses: just more and more people on our tiny island.”

“In One Human Family, everyone should be equal under the law. That includes complying when you enter the country and being subject to the law while you’re here. A subset should not be allowed to break the law then run home to hide. That’s the effect.”

“Wedding planners have to pay $500 plus $2.50 per person to reserve a 50-foot by 50-foot space at Fort Zach for two hours. The DEP is letting some unknown promoter named Diversified Solutions reserve the entire park for three full days with a ‘guarantee’ of only $10,000? Seriously?”

“While everyone is rightfully freaking out over the huge festival at Fort Zachary, the city has approved the second noise exception for the amphitheater for some crew costume party. I thought most events would not need the exception. How long before they eliminate the limit on exceptions for this venue? Truman Annex, Bahama Village and Sunset Key residents will be very sorry they slept through this and allowed the amphitheater to happen.”

“The Hawk missile site was deeded to the city of Key West via the Federal Lands to Park Program. This program mandates municipalities to use this land exclusively for open spaces and recreation. Currently, the Hawk missile site is being used by the city as a storage and dumping ground. Come on, folks! We need some soccer fields for our 600 players.”

“The Key West Housing Authority is building new housing unit at Poinciana (not the Toppino Center) and cut down trees last week to level the footprint. Did this go through the Tree Commission?”

“To the owners of the house in the 3700 block of Flagler: I love your Crepe Myrtle trees. This year they were beautiful, in full bloom of large bouquets of purple flowers. These trees are a rarity on the island.”

“Bear with me here, but do the TDC commercials showcase the homeless vagrants at every corner and beach? Or is that a value-added surprise when a visitor arrives?”

“U.S. 1 is not a local road, has a posted speed limit of 45 at its lowest, and golf carts that can only go 15 mph should not be driving on it, period. To the hotel on Stock Island that apparently is allowing guests to use them to get to Old Town, please stop. You are creating an unnecessary hazard for us all.”