Key West CitizenAugust 4, 2017

“Is there a minimum visual acuity/IQ test for meter maids in Key West? Is there any accountability when their supervisor is unresponsive? We have received two tickets for parking in residential spaces with no decal when the residential decal was clearly on the windshield of our golf cart. We got one ticket time-stamped 10 minutes after we parked in a city parking lot recently for the same reason. Visits to City Hall and emails to the parking POC yielded no response. We need parental controls in place for government employees who are clearly asleep at the wheel.” 

“‘Today in Keys History’ with the pic of the Copa made me a little sad. Reminded me of a time when Key West had a larger gay community. Glad to report the former owners are well and living in the North Carolina mountains.”

“Today there were close to 40 jobs listed for hotel workers in your job ads. Yet, Commissioner Lopez keeps pushing for a hotel at Truman Waterfront to ‘bring jobs to people in Bahama Village.’ Sorry Commissioner, there are plenty of hotel jobs for anyone who wants one right now. Please come up with a new excuse for being a ‘yes man’ to any developer.” 

“Be wise as serpents. Be sheep amongst wolves. And innocent as doves.”

“Ride-share companies require drivers to submit a background check, driving history check and submit proof of insurance. I am highly doubtful that a taxi company requires any more than that when they hire a driver. Also ride-share companies track the driver’s habits of speed and stopping. They know where you are at all times to accurately bill the rider. Taxi companies are just not hip. That’s the bottom line.” 

“While replacing the road surface and sidewalks on Palm Avenue bridge, is the county going to address the safety needs of bicycles? Neither the sidewalks nor road are wide enough for bicycles to travel safely. Now would be a good time to fix that.”

“Let’s hope they do a better job of placing the rebar in the Palm Avenue bridge repair than they did in the original.”

“Now that the music festival has passed for the amphitheater in February, let’s hope that the state does not approve the permit for a different music festival being proposed for the same time frame inside of the Fort Zachary Taylor State Park. That promoter wants 10,000 people per day for 17 days. That’s 14,000 per day for at least four days for both festivals. Call Tally DEP and say no to the permit. I’ve got Zach’s back, do you?”