Key West CitizenAugust 5, 2017

“To the person who doesn’t like country music: Are you a communist?”

“Do you think the mayor regrets his decision to remove the ‘tree hugger’ Tree Commissioner? This decision has cast a lot of well-deserved attention on this joke of a board.”

“It seems there aren’t many options available for manufactured homes for Keys residents and the building codes are very complicated. I, with the county, would make an easy guide to detail codes and offer some assistance for homeowners on Stock Island wishing to demo and upgrade their homes. Also some incentive for those who actually do (i.e. a short window where permit fees are waived). I think if something like this were done, you’d see some big changes in the growing area.”

“City buses from Key West have routes running as far as Marathon. I’ve always wondered if Marathon or Monroe County taxes help support the service or if Key West taxpayers are on the hook for all the costs?”

“I hope they never have Dixieland music at the amphitheater. I hate Dixieland music.” 

“What is the plan to get people in and out of Fort Zachary during this four-day music festival? Or has that not been considered yet?”

“Where is the minimum speed limit posted? Your reasoning certainly would exclude bicycles on the highway also, not just carts, since they can’t maintain the speed of a car, yet there is a legal bike lane. People need to slow down and quit driving like they are in Miami. A boulevard is not a highway.”

“I hope, as a Purple Heart recipient himself, that President Trump gives a shout-out to all of the soldiers who have been wounded in duty to their country on Aug. 7, which is ‘Purple Heart Day.’”

“The sidewalk-driveway project on Southard isn’t even complete yet but I can already see issues. Every driveway now has a 1-2 inch lip where water and debris sit after a rain and planters at crosswalks just waiting for drunken, phone screen-watching tourists to stumble over. Way to go, City of Key West.”

“Since the citizens of Key West will be paying for the new amphitheater, shouldn’t we get first bid on tickets before they are sold outside of Key West? We deserve first row because we are already paying for it.”