Key West CitizenAugust 6, 2017

“In the state of Florida, street legal golf carts are permitted to drive on roads with posted speed limits of 35 mph and less. Street legal golf carts are limited to 25 mph. Many vehicles and bicycles exceed the speed limit and many drive under the speed limit? Slow down and smell the roses and stop bashing those who have a different opinion than you do.”

“People in this city need to open their eyes to what is going on with our tax money. Two-thirds of the city budget goes to salaries and benefits. Our taxes go up, rent goes up and then we see in the news that City Hall expenses were over $22 million dollars. This is crazy; we need financial responsibility or we will wind up like other bankrupt cities.”

“Why does code enforcement turn a blind eye to the eyesore scooter advertising helicopter tours on Front Street? He’s still doing it day after day. If code has no real teeth then it will soon be a free for all. I for one will have my own advertising scooter in place next week if nothing is done.”

“Why on earth would the city approve a four-day festival that supposedly will attract thousands of people during what is already the busiest time of the year? We are at 100 percent occupancy in early February. Are we trying to destroy our current tourism business? Do you think gridlock and massive crowds will appeal to our winter visitors who pay high rates already? Where will all these people stay? In more illegal transient rentals? We expected local events at this venue, not massive multi-day concerts during the busiest time of year.”

“We are visiting family in Key West for a few days. I dropped my wallet getting out of the car in a grocery store parking lot and didn’t see what I did. A young man next to us in a red truck with veteran plates did find it and waited to return it to me. He drove off after I thanked him and was still catching my breath so I did not get his name.”

“The only growth in Monroe County is government and taxes. It is not government’s job to provide affordable housing; that is redistribution of wealth. Affordable housing only works with supply and demand in the free market place. Oh wait, we don’t have a free market and competition in Monroe County. The governmental agencies and the good-ole-boy network will not allow competition. Competition is what controls cost. Stock Island and Big Pine Key both demonstrate what our local government can’t accomplish. The 175-room hotel and the ‘noncommercial’ property to be used for a Publix supermarket. Look at the details behind both and tell me something is not happening behind the scenes.”

“I applaud Commissioner Payne for wanting to lower affordable housing rents from 30 percent of the income bracket to something in the 20 range. This 30 percent number was created to be acceptable by big business about 20 years ago. I taught personal finance for years and it was always 25 percent for housing until about 2000, then mortgage and banks changed the percentage.”