Key West CitizenAugust 7, 2017

“We went to one of those ‘cook your catch’ restaurants and they absolutely had a fit when we brought in a chicken!”

“Commissioner Payne has a good idea regarding a lowered, more realistically proportionate rent rate for our affordable housing. But I very seriously think that at the same time, the city needs to take a deep look at two other problems regarding it: 1) The ‘selection’ process. There is obviously a lot of abuse and favoritism in regard to who, exactly, is awarded affordable housing and, 2) how is it possible that many living in our “affordable” housing are driving $60,000 cars like Mercedes and BMWs? Problem!”

“Police Chief Donnie Lee reports ride-share drivers from Miami coming to Key West on the weekends and living in their cars, put the number at 300, so how has that reduced the amount of cars on the street?”

“Must be getting close to tourists time. Six months-plus working on Palm Bridge. (How many) months on Triangle crosswalks? (How many) months on Kennedy Drive resurface, open up Angela Street to amphitheater and park? Plus who’s-knows-what, how many other road repairs? Who plans this? Summer and no road work? Another great Key West day!

“The prices at Lower Keys Medical Center ER are outrageous! $1,500 for a urine test and one pain pill!”

“Of course the commission had to approve the country music festival. Forcing the amphitheater down our throats, they had no choice. There is not a wash rag large enough to wipe the egg off the mayor’s face. The entire Truman Waterfront project is a legacy for the mayor, not something that truly brings value to Key West, and no business plan to boot. In my life, I’ve never seen a city government run the way this one does. Oh, and if they overspend? They just raise our property taxes.” 

“The reason no one showed up to the FWC meeting on Goliath groupers; they never take anyone’s advice. Same reason everyone leaves the advisory council.”

“The books are closed on the City Hall project?” Right. The books are just beginning to open. From now to eternity there will be a steady string of ‘needed upgrades and repairs’ doled out to FOC (Friends of Commissioners) business owners who will make a career out of this project as they do out of all other government-run projects. Keep it up, voters. This is what you voted for. Between this and the ‘Ample Theater’ there should be enough graft and corruption to keep several bubbas and their families in the money for a couple of generations.”