Key West CitizenAugust 8, 2017

“I’m sick of all the complaining about traffic. What do you people expect? We have spent the past 10 years and hundreds of millions of dollars to convince the world that our little two-lane road is a ‘must-do’ bucket list item. We are spending another 25 million TDC dollars this year doing the same thing. Elect new county commissioners or be quiet and hope you never need an ambulance. It’s only going to get worse. Much worse.”

“Isn’t it funny how when the government wants to get their hands on your money they pass ‘laws’ and ‘taxation rules’ and you’re stuck with it. I thought the government was suppose to work for the people, not the people working for the government.”

“There were so few people attending (the Goliath grouper meeting) because the options proposed do nothing to address the problem. Only reason they had the meeting is to make the dive shops look like good stewards of the environment.”

“It really upsets me that we have heard nothing on the City Sexton situation with selling plots that have already been sold. Where did that money go? Literally making the old saying true, ‘Would you steal my grave if I wasn’t in it?’ My family plots are in that cemetery, bought and paid for. I better not find ours were double dipped. I would like to see that investigated and other graves, to see receipts for those plots and match with the records of the deceased.”

“We have taken ride-shares 12 times since July 15, and all rides have been wonderful experiences. Only one driver was from Miami — and that ride was nice, too. All for much less money than taking a taxi. The drivers are locals trying to pick up extra money. Ride-shares are perfect for Key West!”

“If there are no cab companies left next year, it’s because the people have spoken. Want to stay in business? Quit complaining and improve your service!”

“Based on the article in Monday’s Citizen regarding Airbnb, kudos to Monroe County Tax Collector Danise Henriquez for unending efforts to collect taxes from Airbnb rentals. She is like a dog with a bone and whatever she is getting paid, it is not enough based on her persistence and her results. She is an unsung hero in county government.” 

“Clearly the sheriff nor The Citizen have recently been to Wisteria Island yet continue to reprint the same article over and over. Go check it out. The local community cleaned the entire island, all with volunteer time, energy and money. The island looks beautiful and I have personally enjoyed bringing groups of children out.”