Key West CitizenAugust 9, 2017

“You can look on the Uber app at any time and see the number of cars there. I’ve never ever seen more than eight. Three hundred? Give me a break. Congestion is by rude cabs. I was at the airport recently to pick up neighbors and there were 18 cabs lined up. Really? Get over it, cabbies.”

“I completely agree that two-thirds of our city taxes go to salaries and benefits. How dare us voters be indignant about having to support overpaid city administrators and staff! We work two or three jobs to pay our taxes while most city employees are so well paid they only work one job, 40 hours a week.”

“It may be legal to open a bong store on the 900 block of Duval, but that tacky lighting must be illegal.”

“The private fishing boats down here are getting bigger and nicer, the fish are getting fewer and smaller.”

“Forcing the disabled to sell their home sounds terrible but please understand: ‘Employee housing’ is different from ‘affordable housing.’ Retirees and disabled are welcome to remain in affordable housing. Employee housing was created to provide accommodations for our workforce. Purchasers should understand this difference. Purchasing a workforce housing unit for retirement is gaming the system.”

“Our city has spent $22 million on a lavish city hall but can’t repair the resulting damage done to United Street? United Street, from White to Reynolds, is a danger to anyone on a bicycle or scooter. Come on, mayor and commissioners, just look out the windows of your elaborate new office digs and see what the rest of us are dealing with on the street — shame on all of you!”

“County planning and legal staff denied a request for a waiver from the income requirement on a workforce deed-restricted house, but the couple still purchased the home. How does that work? Does the county record a purchase deed that was technically illegal? Is this the beginning of another lockout debacle?” 

“Yeah, good for the guys and gals doing the Poker Run! Harley riders do get a bad rap. Many very successful business people ride Harleys. Wishing them much success and money raised for diabetes!”

“Quote in Saturday’s Key West Citizen: ‘… participants in the run will be encouraged to leave their bikes at the hotel upon entering the island and take public transportation [into Old Town]’, Cianci said. Ha!”