Key West CitizenOctober 12, 2017

“Why do locals and visitors love Key West? Everyone wants to live here. There are at least two reasons: a walkable city and human scale size buildings. If the rest of the Keys would evolve and create spaces like that, it would take some of the housing pressure off of Key West. The hurricane is an opportunity to rezone and rebuild for today’s wants and needs.”

“One real solution for the ‘housing crisis’ is light rail. We can decrease the need for parking lots for housing and have a transportation alternative to the car to other islands. That would decrease the need for housing in Key West. Stop putting a Band Aid on it and do something that will benefit locals, tourists, and the environment we all love so much!”

“Key West is overbuilt. The answer is not more ‘affordable’ housing but less people. If you lived here before 2000, you would understand. The city wants more people to support its bloated budget.”

“So I didn’t qualify for D-SNAP because I had too much money in my checking account. I had no clue that the insurance company check, which is to replace my car, which was flooded, would count against food. I wonder, what is going the best way to cook a tire or a bumper?”

“After the storm, I was in line at Home Depot with 16 80-pound bags of cement. At the checkout, a policeman came up and said he’d help me load them into my truck, which I needed since I’m 70 years old. He helped me load the bags and when I asked him where he was from, he said he came from Mississippi to help out. Finally, a good story about police officers. Thank you.”

“It’s obvious that the Steamplant wants to buy the land from Keys Energy so they can continue their illegal transient rental business or turn it into a hotel. I think one of the board members needs to recuse himself as he and his son have a conflict of interest.”