Key West CitizenOctober 7, 2017

Sometimes it seems as though we Key West citizens live in Mayberry, but having a police department that can handle a Fantasy Fest year after year is no Barney Fife operation. 

I guess I need reminding every so often. Not evacuating town when Irma came by, I had the opportunity to be one of the first to see Irma’s impact. What I saw were many police cruisers, lights flashing silently, but constantly apparent on the streets. It occurred to me (duh!) that I was seeing a well-planned strategy being implemented and not some ginned-up, impulsive plan.

This strategy appeared to have a lot of thought and was put on a shelf until just the right moment for which it was designed. These cruisers were a presence of keeping order, security and safety at a time when lawlessness could have erupted.

Police Chief Donnie Lee and his officers and staff should be congratulated. Our small-town police department demonstrated the excellence of a big-city public safety force.

Janet Sneath

Key West