Key West CitizenJuly 30, 2017

Recently, while sitting at the arrival area of the Key West airport, I was disconcerted by the county security officer continually telling arrivals not to use Uber because it was more expensive, hidden charges, etc.

About one-third of the passengers (my estimate) had booked Uber or indicated they wanted to use it. The county security adviser on the scooter would tell them they had to walk all the way the South Roosevelt Boulevard to get picked up (not true), thus trying more to discourage Uber use.

For a county employee to push one vendor, Taxi over Uber, is wrong. I object to my tax dollars being used in this manner. The county has made Uber legal. A county representative should not be pimping any legal vendor over another while on duty.

I have no connection with Uber or the taxi services.

John Schafer

Key West