June 18, 2017

Anglers fishing aboard Executive Decision won the third annual Skippers Dolphin Tournament. The team is from Ocala.

Anglers fishing aboard Executive Decision won the third annual Skippers Dolphin Tournament. The team is from Ocala.

KEY LARGO — Ocala-based Executive Decision took top honors at the third annual Skippers Dolphin Tournament, featuring 71 teams of 315 anglers competing June 3-4 for more than $60,000 in cash and trophies.

Anglers were allowed to weigh two fish on Saturday and two on Sunday, with the combined weight of the three heaviest fish determining the winner.

The combined weight of Executive Decision’s largest three dolphins was 63.3 pounds — 33.4, 16.5 and 13.4 — to win $27,410. The 33.4-pounder also netted $8,272.50 as the largest fish of the second day. Jill Paglia, who caught the 33.4-pounder, also collect $2,000 as the top female angler.

Tavernier’s Miss Shell took second place with a combined weight of 52.7 pounds to win $15,557.50. The team weighed in fish at 20.6, 18.2 and 13.9 pounds. The 20.6-pounder also netted $500 as the third largest fish of the first day.

Miami’s All-In took third place and $8,705 with fish of 20.5, 20 and 11.9 pounds, for a total of 52.4 pounds.

Fourth place went to Contagious with a team of anglers from Goulds that weighed in fish at 20.5, 18 and 9.1 pounds, for a total of 47.6 pounds, to win $3,852.50.

Fifth place was Peace Keeper II of Miami Lakes, catching fish of 17.6, 16.2 and 12.4 pounds, totaling 47.6 pounds, to win $1,000.

Sixth place went to Fantastic II with anglers from Stuart, who caught fish of 23.5, 12.9 and 9.5 pounds, totaling 45.9 pounds, to win $500. The team also included the female angler with the second largest fish —the 23.5-pounder — which garnered an extra $1,000.

Alabama resident Alex Winford won largest fish on the first day at 29.2 pounds aboard Twice Bitten to win $8,415. Key Largo’s Justin Hann caught a 21.7-pounder to win $5,110 for the second largest fish on the first day. High Standards angler Creston Fendley, of Arkansas, won $5,015 for the second largest fish of the second day at 23.8 pounds.

First-place junior angler was Key Largo’s Wyatt Clark, who caught a 23.5-pound dolphin aboard Hang Loose to win $500. Second-place junior angler Reece Gunther, of Fort Lauderdale, caught a 17.5-pounder on Blue Heaven captained by Skye Stanely. Third-place junior angler Heather Manfre, of Key Largo, caught a 12.8-pound dolphin aboard Joint Custody to win $100. Key Largo’s John Duffy won $1,000 for the largest fish among senior anglers at 7.3 pounds. A 32-pound tuna won $750 for Islamorada’s Chris Molinaro, fishing on the Mae Day. The largest wahoo, which weighed 17.3 pounds, earned $750 for Fort Lauderdale’s Per Pedersen, who fished aboard Crazy Fish. Pompano Beach’s Joseph Siviglia, fishing on Highly Unlikely, caught the largest kingfish at 6.5 pounds to win $750.