Key West CitizenSeptember 12, 2017

Power restoration by Florida Keys Electric Cooperative has begun in the Upper and Middle Keys. We are happy to report our transmission line from the mainland to Marathon is intact and our high-level assessment completed yesterday, revealed our distribution system did not experience wide-spread damage. This means the backbone of our power system withstood Irma’s impact well.

Today as we continue to evaluate the damage, we are focusing on the main distribution feeders that deliver power from our substations to our neighborhoods. Tomorrow our FKEC crews, along with the outside assistance arriving today, will be assigned to zones and work from Key Largo to Marathon restoring power.

It is important to remember, work is organized to restore power to the greatest number of members in the least amount of time. FKEC also prioritizes restoring power to life and safety situations and essential community services. Following this, crews work to restore power to individual members with isolated issues.

Today, FKEC also continues to organize the 300+ restoration and support personnel arriving to get the power on for our communities. In addition to linemen, tree crews, and assessment teams coming, we also have all the personnel and supplies needed to house, feed and shower these workers.

We appreciate the support and patience of our members while we bring power back to the Upper and Middle Keys. We are also working with KEYS Energy, the Lower Keys provider, to lend them support. Please stay safe, and remember to treat all down cable, wires and lines as if they are energized and stay away.