Key West CitizenJune 11, 2017

When I was a medical social worker in the early 1970s, I worked with young people who had quadriplegia, some from the same type of diving accident that Mr. Barlow [had] when he [dove] into shallow water at the Galleon Resort. My heart goes out to him; he will need every penny of his settlement to pay for the 24/7 physical care he will require for the remainder of his life.

However, I was appalled to read in the June 9 article regarding this accident that his attorney was quoted as saying that “you can’t take a human being from Massachusetts and plug them in here, step back, and say, ‘OK, you know everything.’” Personally, as one who lived in Massachusetts for 30 years, I am insulted that my intelligence is assumed to be lacking. And the same can be said for all the tourists from that state, as well as, all the other tourists from elsewhere.

The article confirms Mr. Barlow had been drinking and one cannot predict whether he would have taken a shallow water warning seriously. Yes, there should have been a warning, just as there should probably be a warning in every establishment serving alcohol that imbibing it may be dangerous to one’s health and safety. At some point, people must take responsibility for their behavior. Had Mr. Barlow [dove] into a pool in Massachusetts, what would his lawyer have said?

I just returned from Amsterdam, where bicycles are the primary mode of transport, and as a pedestrian, I was repeatedly warned by the tour director of the “take no prisoners” attitude of the cyclists. Mr. Grossman’s excuse stated above would be laughable there.

Janet Sneath

Key West