June 19, 2017

The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council will receive a briefing Tuesday on updates to its management plan.

The Sanctuary Advisory Council will meet at 9 a.m., Tuesday, at the Hyatt Place resort, 1996 Overseas Highway in Marathon.

For the past several years, the sanctuary has been working on changes to all of its rules and regulations and is expected to release an environmental and economic impact report of proposed changes later this fall, said Beth Dieveney, the sanctuary’s deputy superintendent for science and policy.

Since the process started, the sanctuary has had 13 new people join the Sanctuary Advisory Council, Dieveney said. Tuesday’s briefing will keep those new members and the public up to speed on the review, Dieveney said.

Changes to the management plan could include more or fewer closed fishing areas and other new restrictions.

There will not be a new superintendent or deputy superintendent when the Sanctuary Advisory Council meets on Tuesday.

Ed Lindeloff has served as acting superintendent and Lisa Symons has served as deputy superintendent since the National Marine Sanctuary launched an internal review last year.

The agency recently reassigned former Superintendent Sean Morton to the NCCOS Center for Coastal Environmental Health in Charleston, South Carolina and Deputy Superintendent Mary Tagliareni to Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary in Michigan.

The National Marine Sanctuary has conducted interviews for the two vacant positions, but has not yet filled those spots, Lindeloff said.