Key West CitizenAugust 13, 2017

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Photo provided

1856: William Hackley recorded in his diary: Rose at 5 and bathed. At 7:30 a.m. barometer 29.47, thermometer 87, wind southeast 2, clouds 3. Dan has some fever and his tongue is heavily coated with white fur, no headache or pain in the back, gave him three Globs of Aconite and required Matilda to give the same every two hours during the forenoon and to keep him quiet. I do not feel well. A slice of broiled venison and a small bit of chicken I ate yesterday, the first for many months, disagreed with me. All day drawing up the libel in the case of the ship Maid of Orleans and gave it to Winer Bethel (who is for the Respondent) about 5 p.m. Dan is well.

1861: Orders were issued that no vessels were to be allowed to leave Key West unless the owners and crews first took the oath of allegiance to the Union.

1894: The U.S. Navy announced it was establishing a coaling station in Key West.

1911: The Board of Public Instruction named R.E. Terrell as principal of the Russell Hall School. He was highly recommended from Apalachicola, where he taught high school.

1931: A. Maitland Adams, manager of Norberg Thompson interest in Key West, was elected president of the Southern Fisheries association at their annual meeting in Jacksonville.

1932: Preliminary work was started on a lighthouse at Smith Shoals. The shoals, located north of the entrance to the Northwest Channel, were named for harbor pilot Joshua Smith, who discovered them.

1945: Capt. Herbert Pinder towed a 20-foot sperm whale into port. He harpooned the whale while returning from the Dry Tortugas.

1952: The body of Karl Tanzler, aka Dr. Count Von Cosel, was found in his home in Zephyrhills, Florida. He died of natural causes. He gain notoriety when it was discovered he had lived with body of Elena Hoyos for over eight years. He had met Elena when he treated her at the Marine Hospital Key West, and after her death had taken her body to his home in Key West. After the body was discovered, he left town and moved to Zephyrhills.

1955: The Southern Keys Cemetery on Big Coppitt was formally opened as the only perpetual care cemetery in Florida Keys.

1953: Rear Admiral George C. Towner relieved Rear Admiral Irving T. Duke as commander Naval Base Key West.