Key West CitizenSeptember 6, 2017

Photo provided
Cigar packer pose for a photo at work in this undated photo.

Photo provided Cigar packer pose for a photo at work in this undated photo.

1856: William Hackley recorded in his diary. Rose at 5 and went to the Post Office. Got a letter from the Comptroller allowing my per diem account for $45.00 and a draft for the same. At the sale again which I attended because I had nothing to do. Sent $4.25 Spanish gold to Havana by the mail boat for a lottery ticket. Squally all day and a good breeze. I fear the sea will wash the goods out of the ship and drive them into the Gulf.

1906: The Key West City Directory listed 40 cigar factories with more than 2,000 employees.

1898 The following officials were elected in the city elections: George L. Bartlum, mayor; George R. Phillips, city clerk; Charles Albury, Marshall; William Weatherford, tax collector; William Pinder, tax assessor; William H. Williams, treasurer; G.W. Reynolds, election commissioner; J.M. Phipps, election commissioner; Alfred Lowe, election commissioner; and city commissioners C.J. Heulsenkamp, Charles Shavers, Josh Curry, Alfred Gardner, Charles R. Pierce, T.J. Sawyer, Thomas A. Thompson, B.P. Baker and George Bryson.

1988 Mike Warren, a 26-year veteran of the Monroe County Mosquito Control District, won re-election. Harry Knight was unopposed for tax collector. Other winners were: Richard Payne, circuit court judge; J. Jefferson Overby, circuit court judge and Wayne Miller, county judge.