August 13, 2017

In an effort to finish crosswalks in time for the first day of school Wednesday, there will be lane closures at the Triangle entrance to Key West on Monday night from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Florida Department of Transportation workers will pave the Triangle, extend the turn lane from North Roosevelt Boulevard to U.S. 1 and restripe the crosswalks during the closures, FDOT consultant Jackie Hart.

Workers will “water blast the existing striping and put down temporary paint to get the intersection into the correct configuration and open to pedestrians,” she said in a release.

Inbound and outbound lane closures will take place and off-duty police officers will be on hand to assist the flow of traffic, Hart said.

The work should be done Monday, but any delays could mean similar lane closures on Tuesday night, Hart said.

“Our goal is still to be completed prior to the start of school on Wednesday,” Hart said.

In addition, the installation of new traffic light controller equipment will take place Tuesday, so drivers should expect to see off or flashing lights during an approximate four-hour period, according to FDOT spokesperson Paulette Summers.

The public is encouraged to exercise patience during the work, Hart said.

The work is part of a larger project that includes moving the island crosswalk to the west to make the pedestrian crossing one continuous movement and changing the right-turn lanes entering and exiting the island to “free flow” or continuous, unless a pedestrian activates the signal, according to FDOT consultant Elio Espino.

The Key West Police Department is reminding drivers that the “right on red” law is still in effect when leaving the island from South Roosevelt Boulevard. Drivers are permitted to turn on a red light after making a full stop, Summers said.

The estimated two-month project began in early July.