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Saturday, October 24, 2009
Peary Court military housing now open to civilians

Renters looking for a secure place to live might consider the Peary Court military housing complex, as the Navy and a private company that manages the property are advertising rental units available for civilians.

The Navy, Coast Guard and other government agencies have not completely filled the 157-house complex with military personnel and civilian contractors who have priority, so now Balfour Beatty is advertising $1,995 two-bedroom, 1½-bathroom apartments to people not affiliated with the military.

That figure includes utilities, said Kathy Grim, spokeswoman for Balfour Beatty, which manages military housing for 11 Navy bases in the Southeast region, including Peary Court.

She declined to give details about how many units are available.

Under the Navy's contract with Balfour Beatty, the housing always has been available to non-military people, but only if the military doesn't call dibs first, said Naval Air Station Key West spokesman Jim Brooks.

"That's part of our agreement," Grim said. "Our first priority is our military members. Once we have met that need, then we move on to the next level of applicable groups."

Residents must pass muster with the Navy before their applications are approved, Brooks added. The Navy completes background checks and credit checks on all applicants, and Capt. Steven Holmes has the final say on any applicant's approval.

Applicants could be denied based on prior criminal conduct, felony convictions, drug convictions or any record of disrespect for law enforcement, Brooks said. Registered sex offenders are not accepted, Brooks said.

Residents must have a base photo ID and proper stickers on their cars, which will grant them access to Peary Court, but not other Navy property, Brooks said.

Peary Court stretches from Palm Avenue to White Street and has been a part of Key West history since the 1800s, when it was an Army post.

For information about renting an apartment in Peary Court, call Blaine Cleckley at the Balfour Beatty management office at 305-292-5590 or online at http://www.naskeywesthomes.com.


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