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Sunday, November 1, 2009
Fantasy Fest Parade Winners

The ballots have been counted and the winners of the 2009 Fantasy Fest 'Villains, Vixens and Vampires' Parade are as follows.

The Venom and Batwings Grand Prize was awarded to: Wine-sucking Vampires by Big Pecker Wines

The Captain Morgan Vampire Slayer Award: Bonnie and Clyde's Stimulus Package by the D'Antonio Delegation


Fangs, Corsets, Moustache Best Theme Award: Crooked Coffin Graveyard Pub

Maniacal Laughter Most Outrageous Award: Smuggler's Paradise by Lucky Seven Arts and Key West Burlesque

Velvet Cape Best Costume Award: North Korea Friendship by the Key West Institute of Rocket Scientists

Sociopath Walkers Award: Bettlejuice VLQ (Very Large Quartet)

Stake Through the Heart Special Award: Blood Vessel by Independent Paperboard

Hellion Best Band Award: Bad George Sound

Perils of Pauline Best Non-Profit: Ye Mystic Krewe of Santa Margarita

Snidely Whiplash Best Animation Award: Run Aground

Editor's note: The Citizen apologizes that the award winners were not available on the Web site sooner.

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