Wednesday, March 3, 2010
Letters to the editor

Congress wasting time on genocide resolution

The United States is currently confronted with a daunting number of challenges in our nation's foreign relations, including dual wars, meeting energy needs, and preventing the growth of terrorist networks. In all these areas, we have an ally in Turkey.

In a bizarre move during such turbulent times, the House Foreign Affairs Committee, including Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, are preparing to vote Thursday on House Resolution 252, which will recognize as "genocide" tragic events that took place nearly 100 years ago in the now-defunct Ottoman Empire, despite many holes in the historical argument.

This begs the question: Why is the committee, at a time when we are dealing with pressing international and domestic issues, all of which require Turkey's support and active participation, squandering its time on an issue that has no relevance to America's foreign relations and interests? The answer is simple: lobbying.

Despite much bravado about limiting the influence of special interests, groups with money and manpower still control Washington's agenda. The Armenian-American lobby spends an estimated $40 million annually on furthering its agenda, which revolves around recognition of an Armenian genocide.

This issue, ultimately, should not be on the docket of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Congress is neither the conscience of the world, nor its revisionist historian. It's time to put an end to a dangerous game, played year after year when Congress is taken for a ride by a single-issue lobby at the expense of America's national interests. This is that time, but it will only end when Floridians pay attention and raise their voice and tell Rep. Ros-Lehtinen to oppose this resolution on Thursday, and every time it comes up in the future.

Lincoln McCurdy, president

Turkish Coalition of America

Washington, D.C.

Integrity is lacking in America's leadership

The [Sen. Mary] Landrieu "Louisiana Purchase" by 60 Democrat senators, who consider themselves Congress, emboldened Republican Sens. [Richard] Shelby and [Kit] Bond to use the Democrat procedures exhibited in the Louisiana Purchase to halt Obama management appointments. President Obama, Harvard Law educated, repeatedly, purposely aforethought, chose friends, preachers, associates at loggerheads with integrity.

Obama understands the difference between unlawful and ill eagle (sick bird), but not about management and integrity. Manager: a person who gets things done through people; can plan, organize, staff and train, control both directly and by exception. Perhaps this job description is worthy of Harvard, but the prime factor not part of the description, is integrity. The job description is the mechanics; the person is the integrity -- quality high moral/professional standards. Lack of integrity in certain czars, members of Congress and the White House is unacceptable.

Obama is litigating our country's problems, not managing with integrity. Air Force One trips are more lawyer summations to hand-picked mock juries than finding answers to astute interrogatories. His appointed Cabinet and czars are reflective of an educated naÃØve and infrequently, hoodlum mentality. How can such people get our country on a moral and successful financial path? Can President Obama find quality leaders within the aggregate of advisers and persons he knows? The potter shapes the pot; how can he shape the presidency from the educated ignorance surrounding him?

Harry Truman, high school graduate, sold shoes, as an Army officer led men in war, became president; many folks think the best president ever. Truman was pragmatic, had an abundance of integrity.

Why should a college-educated pragmatic wife-mother-state governor not become president? I read Tea Party Sara Palin's book. She fulfills the presidential management job description with integrity to spare.

We are all ignorant, but in different things. Read the book and find a dynamic person and true American family. Media is not the judge; 2012, you are. We must not be ignorant, voting. It's the individual not the party. Do a better job on the voting end, do less bitching on the result end. The buck stops with you.

Arthur J. Gandolfi

Sugarloaf Key