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Tuesday, November 8, 2011
Frustrated would-be robber flees empty-handed

A would-be robber who claimed to be holding a gun in his sock-covered hand abandoned his holdup attempt at a Stock Island Burger King Sunday night after the manager told him he had to retrieve the cash register key, then walked away from the counter.

The frustrated man fled the store with no money at 8:20 p.m., tripping over a cardboard display as he rushed for the door, according to a Monroe County Sheriff's Office offense report.

A manager and employee told deputies a man wearing shorts and what appeared to be a T-shirt wrapped around his head walked up to the counter and demanded money. The man wore a brown sock over his left hand, telling the manager the sock covered a gun.

The store manager said the would-be robber told him to "open the register and give me the (expletive) money," and "I got a gun or I'll shoot you," according to an offense report.

The man handed the manager a plastic bag to fill with cash, but the manager explained he needed to get a key, then turned and walked away, deputies said.

"OK, faster, faster," the man reportedly said.

Meanwhile, an employee working the drive-through window heard the man tell the manager, who was walking away, "Hey, don't do anything like call the cops." The employee told a drive-through customer to phone 911, then she hid out of sight, the report states.

Apparently realizing he'd been duped, the man turned to leave, knocking down a display as he ran out of the store, deputies said. The man was last seen running east on Maloney Avenue.

A search of the area failed to turn up a suspect.

The man was described as a stocky, 6-foot-tall white man between 35 and 45 years old with blue eyes.

He was wearing khaki shorts and two-tone sneakers.

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