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Thursday, May 10, 2012
Man charged with distributing child porn

A Tavernier man accused of possessing and distributing child pornography was arrested by FBI agents Monday.

Michael Maran, of 88976 Overseas Highway, was arrested after a sting operation that started in Fort Myers.

According to court documents, Maran sent emails that contained images of underage girls having sex with adult men. He is accused of sending the images to a computer owned by another child pornography suspect known as "J.H." in Fort Myers, who consented to an FBI search of his email accounts, according to court documents.

Agents found that J.H. received emails from someone under the alias "Jack Frost" using the email address workingthenightshift@live.com. The two allegedly had been exchanging emails after finding each other on a website known as "JBHC," which the agent stated is an Internet acronym for "jailbait hardcore," according to court records.

Maran allegedly sent J.H. images of child pornography on Oct. 14, and four days later sent him 22 images of young girls, some of which agents determined to be pornographic, records state.

In February, the computer company Microsoft provided agents with the IP address assigned to the user of the email account workingthenightshift@live.com, which led them to the Comcast cable TV and Internet provider, which in turn told agents the email address was used at 88976 Overseas Highway, court records say.

Agents then raided that residence, where Maran allegedly admitted to using the alias Jack Frost, records state. Agents showed Maran child pornography images that were sent to J.H.'s computer on Oct. 18 and he allegedly admitted sending the pictures, records state.

Maran was appointed a public defender on Tuesday and was jailed "because he is a danger to the community," according to documents signed by U.S. Magistrate Judge Lurana Snow. A detention hearing was set for Friday.

Maran was scheduled to be arraigned on May 21 before Snow at the federal courthouse in Key West.

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