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Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Village to post candidate information on website

ISLAMORADA -- Candidate information, including campaign finance reports for the upcoming Village Council election, was expected to go online early this week.

The move would put Islamorada in line with other municipalities in the Florida Keys, all of which have their election information posted online through the Monroe County Supervisor of Elections Office.

However, because the village is the only city in the Keys that still qualifies its own candidates, the elections office doesn't post campaign reports from the Village Council race.

Village Manager Ed Koconis made the decision to have the information posted on the Islamorada website after receiving an inquiry from the Free Press last week.

The reports were expected to be up Monday morning at the latest, Koconis said last Friday, but were not online prior to press time.

Acting Village Clerk Kyrie Wagner says she's not sure why the village hasn't turned over the entire campaign qualifying process to the elections office, but added that it may be because the two previous clerks, Debra Eastman and Beverly Raddatz, enjoyed the process.

"That's the only reason I can think of," Wagner said.

Once the reports are posted, village residents, and anyone else who is interested, will be able to scroll through fundraising reports in the three council races: Dave Purdo vs. Travis Yednak, Ken Philipson vs. Paul Bates and Ted Blackburn vs. Todd Chandler.

The latest reports, filed last Friday, show that through Sept. 28 the Purdo/Yednak race has had by far the most fundraising activity. Purdo had raised $5,630 to Yednak's $3,035.

In the other races, Philipson has loaned himself $1,800 and raised $645, $500 of that from Councilman Michael Reckwerdt. Bates is not accepting campaign donations.

Blackburn has loaned himself $100 and raised no other funds. Chandler has raised $600, all but $100 of that from Bates.


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