Citizen's Voice
Thursday, November 1, 2012

"Time magazine praises Monroe County Supervisor of Elections Harry Sawyer for standing up to Rick Scott's voter suppression tactics. Thank you, Harry."

"While standing in line to early vote, I overheard a person who had voted say, 'I'm still so undecided.'"

"Fantasy Fest has gone downhill; it is getting sleazier every year. Since when is a clear plastic cup considered part of a costume covering a guy's winky? Isn't that considered indecent exposure? Where are the costumes and the artistic imagination? I don't mean painted naked bodies, that doesn't count."

"Does anybody still think Romney's plan to get rid of FEMA is a good idea?"

"The Key West Police Department wants to put the entire city on camera? This can't be for real. Why not our bedrooms? Most accidents happen in the home, you know. I had hoped Big Brother would stay on the mainland, but we're obviously just another cell in the police state."

"I just returned from a quick round trip to Fort Lauderdale. The once beautiful ride was destroyed by the visual pollution. The number of political signs both on private property and public right of ways was totally overwhelming. I counted 137 signs on one side of the road in a 1-mile stretch. Monroe County and the local towns need to enact some harsh regulations on the display of these signs."

"You can bet once the first 25 Key West police cameras are installed, with a total of 60 to come, red-light tickets will be a reality. Just wait."

"I want to thank the Key West Public Works department for their wonderful work this past weekend during Fantasy Fest. Garbage cans were never full, street crossings were well maintained and Duval Street was cleaned quickly. Can't even imagine what it took."

"Teachers have the [most difficult] and most important job in any society, and they deserve every penny they earn. The union's efforts toward that end represent justice, not greed. Teaching has been made twice as difficult by decades of right-wing cuts to support the lucrative military-industrial complex."

"So, will the Northeast now be denied affordable insurance as Florida is?"

"A little friendliness and consideration will go a long way to making these next two years on the streets of Key West a lot better. We are all in this together, so can't we all just help each other out a little?"

"I hope the city has performed a Net Present Value [NPV] analysis of floating bonds for $17 million to purchase and renovate Glynn Archer, as opposed to the rental of their existing facilities, which appear adequate."