Sunday, November 11, 2012
Students from St. Petersburg, Russia, visit Basilica School

Two students from The Basilica School shared with The Citizen their experiences meeting students from St. Petersburg, Russia, who visited the school Nov. 1.

A friendly game

They attended a Mass that celebrated All Saints Day, and then we had a question and answer session, where we asked them about their culture and they asked about ours.

After an hour of the session they joined us for a friendly game of kickball. After the game, the boys played soccer. The Russians won, 3-2. Just meeting them would have been cool, but playing with them and learning about their culture was awesome.

-- Oscar Lacayo, Grade 8

Sports, competition and then lunch

How many people can say they had the chance to meet students all the way from Russia and spend the day with them? Not many can, but the eighth grade from The Basilica School can. We had the opportunity to meet nine students all the way from St. Petersburg, Russia, on Nov. 1. After we celebrated Mass that morning, we sat down with them and answered questions about our school and life here in the Keys, and they answered questions about their life in Russia, their school, and what they do in Russia that differs from what we do Key West. After a while of talking and sharing stories with one another, we broke up into teams and headed outside to play kickball.

At first, they didn't know what this sport was or how to play, but after a brief description they got the hang of it. We didn't think they were going to be any good because they barely understood what was happening. However, when they got up to kick the first time, we were literally blown away by the power that ball had. After about 20 more minutes of kickball, the boys formed teams and played soccer outside, while the girls played volleyball in the gym. Of course, they were amazing at both sports, and we immediately found our common ground together: sports.

After a tiring day of competing with our new friends, all of us retired to the cafeteria for lunch.

They experienced Basilica School Thursday lunch, macaroni and cheese with chicken. They left shortly after lunch, and we returned to our normal classes.

We made new friends last week, and hopefully we can see them again in time.

-- Amy Weber, Grade 8