Saturday, November 17, 2012


The head of the National Hurricane Center lauded the Keys' evacuation plan, but said that high-risk areas such as the Keys needed more shelters.

Monroe County Code Enforcement had a continuing effort to stop unlicensed contractors from operating in the county.

A nonprofit organization, Wildlife in Need, was capturing Muscovy ducks and relocating them to a farm in Acadia.


Harry Fitch's rollicking "Honky Tonk Tour" was run nightly, except Sunday, and visited three of the city's most colorful and gaudy saloons.

Herman's Dress Shop, at 512 Duval St., had a covey of five seamstresses turning a line of sportswear and cocktail dresses.

The new advertisement theme by the Chamber of Commerce was, with Cuba closed, "Why not find your island in the sun in the Florida Keys?"