Sunday, November 18, 2012

Citizen Staff

An exhibit concerning homeless people at a local artist space open through December includes work done by four Monroe County School District students.

The Studios of Key West, 600 White St., is featuring "Hidden in Plain View: Faces and Stories of Homelessness," conceived by Erika Biddle, through Dec. 15. Included are photos, multimedia exhibits and poems by local artists.

Among the displays are written and visual interpretations of the theme "Homeless Children." They were created by 2nd grader Meredith Delostrinos as well as 5th graders Anna Schneider, Willow Wood and Bridget Martin.

In addition to having their work displayed beside that of prominent artists, each of the four students had a $50 gift card, donated from Publix, given to a local food bank in the Upper, Middle and Lower Keys in their names.

All the pieces created by the students will be displayed in a scrapbook available during the exhibit and that later will be circulated throughout the schools.