Monday, December 3, 2012


British billionaire Richard Branson's Vintage Air Tours had its inaugural flight to Key West. He hoped to offer flights from Key West to other parts of Florida using vintage DE-3 aircraft.

The state of Florida approved a grant to begin work on converting Key West Fire House No. 3 on Grinnell Street to a museum.

A cloud of brownish muck was creeping from the Everglades toward the Keys, leaving in its wake dead sponges and soft corals.


Mr. and Mrs. Chester Conn purchased the home at 3805 Eagle Ave. from Mr. and Mrs. Richard Marvin. The sale was through the office of Realtor Edward B. Knight.

The American Legion Carnival was closed for the third consecutive night by the Key West police, and four persons were arrested for gambling.

El Patio Restaurant at the corner of Duval and Greene streets, Francesco Zeppa owner, opened for the 23rd season.