Friday, December 7, 2012


Edward J. Kolesar of Olde Island Realty Inc. was installed as president of the Key West Association of Realtors.

The multifamily house at 1110 Eaton St. sold for a reported $110,000.

A small group of professional travel writers and editors were in Key West researching articles for newspapers and magazines.


An advance crew from the "Today Show" arrived to make preparations for live broadcasts of the show from Key West for five days starting Dec. 17.

A Miami lawyer was selling a googolplex of land on Little Emma Island. It was described as one infinitesimal parcel of a plot of land with a price of $1.

Phil Milo's newest nightclub was the The Latin Casino at 227 Duval St. It featured dancing Fridays and Saturdays with Nestor and his "Mambo Combo."