Monday, January 7, 2013


1899Juan D. Poyo announced he was moving the Spanish language newspaper "El Yara" to Havana. The "El Yara," published in Key West for 20 years, was the voice of free Cuba.

1924 Work began on the construction of the new San Carlos on Duval Street. Paul Boysen was awarded the contract for the new building.

1959 There were persistent rumors that the boat that brought Cuban Sen. Rolando Masferrer to Key West carried $17 million. There were also rumors of a large amount of money on Batista's private yacht, which arrived with seven Cuban naval officers. Customs had not searched the boats when they arrived and a later search revealed slightly more than $90,000 on the Batista yacht.

1941 The new county officers assumed office at midnight. The new officers were: Sheriff Berlin A. Sawyer; Tax Collector Joseph C. McMahon; Tax Assessor Claude Gandolfo; and Clerk of Criminal Court Harry Dongo.

1943 The newly elected County Commission met with Commissioners Carl Bervaldi, Eddie Gomez and J. Frank Roberts present. The other two commissioners, William T. Doughtry and Harry Harris, were in the armed service.

1974 J. Frank "Pilot" Roberts died at age 91. He had served on the City Commission, County Commission, as chief of the volunteer fire department and Monroe County supervisor of elections.

1997 A commercial fisherman fishing near Pickles Reef landed a 17-foot great white shark estimated to weigh 1,500 to 1,800 pounds.