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Saturday, January 12, 2013
Lawyer wants a local bazaar

Attorney Candida Andriole wants to bring to Key West the kind of artisan bazaar that the borough of Brooklyn, N.Y., has enjoyed since 2008.

The Brooklyn Flea is every weekend from April to Thanksgiving, featuring hundreds of vendors hawking their wares, ranging from original jewelry and art to vintage clothing, antiques and fresh food.

Key West deserves such an open-air marketplace, said Andriole, who with two friends, Cassandra Cox, a Conch, and Kim Chandra of Miami, are behind the planned debut of the Bone Island Bazaar at the Truman Waterfront.

"You go to the islands, that's what you look for -- a local market where you're going to find all kinds of things," said Andriole, who has a private law practice in Key West, where she's lived for 24 years. "This is the place for it."

Scheduled to start on the weekend of Feb. 2 and March 2, the bazaar has not yet won approval from the city.

Andriole's vision remains a pending application before the City Commission, which this week postponed a vote to allow the women more time to flesh out the details, such as fees for fire inspectors -- which run $40 per hour -- and whether a Key West police detail is needed.

The bazaar would be an alcohol-free event, running from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Truman Waterfront, for which the city requires a $1,000 refundable deposit, according to the application filed with the city.

Asked what the event would cost, Andriole said it was too early to estimate, and that while the production company will have to pay salaries and hire workers, it plans to donate any proceeds to local nonprofits.

"Maybe we should walk them through the process," City Commissioner Teri Johnston said Tuesday during the panel's discussion. "A farmer's market is what every one of the focus groups wanted on the Truman Waterfront. We have some people here trying to pull it off. I'd like to see them given the opportunity to fill in the blanks."

The commission reset the item for its Jan. 23 meeting at Old City Hall, asking city staff to help the applicants complete the paperwork.

"In concept, I support this," said Commissioner Tony Yaniz, who cited one page of the bazaar application that was left blank. "I see a lot of gray areas. I'm not ready to approve this without the information sitting in front of me."

But for Andriole, the bazaar is coming to Key West one way or another. If the city nixes it, the bazaar not-for-profit company will find another location, she said Friday.

"There are a lot of artisans in Key West that do not have a venue to sell their wares. Storefront and restaurant space is very limited and what's available is very expensive."

Word is already out on the island, said Andriole, who directs anyone interested to the website, www.boneislandbazaar.com.


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