Saturday, January 12, 2013


1891 The Key West City Commission passed an ordinance prohibiting the killing or trapping of any songbird.

1927 The Army announced that the post cemetery of the Key West Army Barracks would be moved to Barrancas National Cemetery in Pensacola.

1943 The U.S. government began building the High School Annex on United Street. The $65,000 schoolhouse had 14 rooms and was funded entirely by the federal government.

1944 County Commissioner Harry Harris was released from the Army in August 1943. Three attempts were made to send him back but three times he was deferred.

1952 There were 250 shrimp trawlers operating out of Key West, and the average catch was 2,500 pounds per trip.

1971 John Dedek purchased the neglected property at 227 Duval St. and restored it, later opening the 1875 Fogarty House Restaurant and Cafe.