Monday, January 14, 2013


1929Lou Gehrig, New York Yankee star, and Gene Byrnes, cartoonist for the New York Herald Tribune, visited St. Joseph's school for boys.

1941Carl Bervaldi was elected chairman of the County Commission for the fourth time. Capt. Edward "Bra" Saunders, 75, died at his residence. He was the fishing guide for Ernest Hemingway and "gang." Hemingway used him as his model for the character Capt. Willie Adams in the novel "To Have and Have Not."

1954 The Navy dedicated the new buildings of the Fleet Sonar School on the Naval Station. The school trained Navy personnel in anti-submarine warfare

1959Michael Sudakow of Miami Beach bought the La Concha Hotel for "about a half million dollars."

1964 The Monroe County Board of Public Instruction named the new junior high school for Horace O'Bryant, superintendent of public instruction, in recognition of his 35 years service to the school system.

1995 The Key West Chamber of Commerce presented its highest honor, the Hall of Fame Award, to Joe Allen Jr.

2000 Capt. Edward Ciesinski, one of the first charter boat captains to take divers to the reef, died at 91.