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Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Council pledges $90K to repair problem roads

MARATHON -- In response to complaints about poor road conditions, including pooling water and inadequate paving, the Marathon City Council is poised to spend $93,000 to allay the concerns of Fishermen's Pointe residents.

Mayor Mike Cinque asked City Manager Roger Hernstadt last month to present a plan to address the issues at the council's first meeting in January.

Last week, Hernstadt provided the council with options, including the $93,000 plan to fix the roads.

"I just want to be sure we have the money to do this," said Vice Mayor Richard Keating.

Two Fishermen's Pointe residents voiced their concerns before the council.

"Our roads are inadequate and we have water leaks," Debbie Struyf said. "Our water bills have doubled in the past two years."

She acknowledged the leaky water pipes are not the fault of the council, but added, "The water company isn't giving us answers so we're here for answers. When will our water lines be fixed? When will our roads be fixed?"

According to Struyf, every property owner has signed off on paperwork allowing the city access to make repairs.

"We want to be treated like everyone else," she said. "We want to see it done to code."

A new waterline has been installed but the city is awaiting a signature from the Fishermen's Pointe treasurer on documentation that must be forwarded to the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority for endorsement. Some easement issues also have to be resolved before the new waterline can be used.

Cinque asked for a timeframe but none of the city staff could provide a definitive response due to the multiple steps yet to be completed.

"Let's get it done. Get the necessary paperwork done," Cinque said.

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